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Mothim as Steve.

Mothim is a Bug/Flying pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves from Burmy at lv 20 (when Burmy is male; when Burmy is female, it evolves into Wormadam.


Mothim was one of the newcomers that debuted in Total Pokemon Action. He was put on Team Smeargle, where the girls decided to get rid of the guys 1 by 1. In Episode 4, Mothim started to develop feelings for Beautifly and beat up Gliscor to protect her in the challenge, which embarassed Gliscor due to Mothim's wimpy reputation. However Team Smeargle eventually lost the challenge and Mothim was voted off by the girls, much to Beautifly's dismay.


TPA: 44th


Mothim was introduced, along with his two siblings as the Burmy trio in Stranded on Poké Island. He evolved from Plant Cloak Burmy while his brother Sandy Cloak Burmy evolved into Shiny Mothim and his sister into Wormadam. Sadly, Mothim was eliminated in episode 11 alongside Gengar when they both couldn't handle the super hero challenge. He didn't qualify for Stranded on Poké World Tour, but was given the job as the host of the aftershow with his twin brother Shiny Mothim. The whole trio qualified for Stranded on Poké High School and at the moment they're all still in the game. Mothim, however, has officially declared he will be a villain as of episode 12. As announced in the Stranded on Poké High School finisher video, he placed as the runner up over Gliscor, who won the 20 million Poké.