Misdreavous525 announced he was working on continuing his long paused and legendary Total Pokemon series with Total Pokemon All Stars.

He posted this preview showing the contestants:

In addition, on his personal wikia (which you should all visit for more in depth information on this series) he explains that he divided the contestants into six teams based on how they played in the first four seasons.

Rankings are according to their player profiles on his personal wikia. TPI=Total Pokemon Island, TPA=Total Pokemon All Stars, TPWT=Total Pokemon World Tour, TPL=Total Pokemon Live

Team Alliance Furfrou Edit

Players who often formed alliances as soon as possible, or were dragged into them

  • Ambipom (M)
  • Bella Lee the Bellossom (F) TPI: 23rd, TPA: 47th/8th, TPWT: 11th, TPL: 54th/1st
  • Bronzong (M) TPI: 24th
  • Espeon (F) TPI: 5th
  • Gallade
  • Grumpig
  • Lapras
  • Mantine TPI: 20th
  • Milotic
  • Musharna
  • Tangrowth
  • Vaporeon

Team Floaters Diancie Edit

Players who Miltank/Misdreavous525 considered floaters and got far by general likability or being a non-threat, along with a few ironic choices like Houndoom)

  • Banette
  • Delcatty TPI: 31st
  • Hippowdon TPI: 14th
  • Houndoom TPI: Winner
  • Illumise
  • Kangaskhan
  • Minun
  • Ninetales TPI: 16th
  • Plusle
  • Solrock
  • Tropius
  • Zoroark

Team Grab Bag Hoopa Edit

Players who fit multiple categories or needed further screentime and development

  • Drifblim TPI: 29th
  • Girafarig
  • Gliscor
  • Hitmonchan
  • Lickilicky
  • Magmortar
  • Mamoswine
  • Mismagius TPI: 18th
  • Seaking
  • Swoobat
  • Togekiss
  • Xatu

Team Popularity Xerneas Edit

Players who were either universally loved or hated by fans

  • Cherrim TPI: 4th
  • Dragonite
  • Glaceon
  • Gothitelle
  • Jolteon
  • Jynx TPI: 15th
  • Medicham
  • Luvdisc
  • Primeape
  • Probopass
  • Toxicroak
  • Wailord TPI: 36th

Team Skills Zygarde Edit

Consists of players who displayed some sort of special skill while competing, along with some less proven talent.

  • Absol (F) TPWT: 59th, TPL: 9th
  • Chimecho (M) TPI: 22nd, TPWT: 62nd
  • Dodrio (M) TPI: 39th, TPWT: 4th, TPL: 47th
  • Drapion (M) TPWT: Winner, TPL: 102nd
  • Flareon (F) TPWT: 31st
  • Garchomp (F) TPI: 28th, TPA: 20th, TPL: 3rd
  • Hitmontop (M) TPWT: 26th, TPL: 72nd
  • Mesprit (F) TPWT: 39th, TPL: 30th
  • Rapidash (F) TPI: 35th, TPA: 2nd, TPL: 100th
  • Samurott (M) TPL: 52nd
  • Sceptile (M) TPI: 11th, TPA: 42nd, TPWT: 45th, TPL: 32nd
  • Vespiquen (F) TPI: 6th, TPA: 19th, TPWT: Runner Up, TPL: 103rd

Team Smarts Yveltal Edit

Players known for their intelligence, or the contrary for irony.

  • Gardevoir (F) TPL: 37th
  • Lanturn (F) TPI: 12th, TPA: 26th, TPL: 46th
  • Luxray (M) TPI: 9th, TPA: 27th, TPWT: 34th, TPL: 51st
  • Metagross (M) TPI: 37th, TPA: 43rd, TPL: 5th
  • Persian (M) TPA: 5th, TPWT: 65th/22nd
  • Purugly (F) TPI: 10th, TPA: 10th, TPWT: 9th, TPL: 87th
  • Reuniclus (M) TPL: 36th
  • Roserade (F) TPWT: 10th, TPL: 80th
  • Steelix (M) TPWT: 32nd, TPL: 70th/20th
  • Shaymin (F) TPA: 14th, TPL: 51st
  • Umbreon (M) TPI: 3rd, TPWT: 50th, TPL: 41st
  • Wigglytuff (F) TPI: 27th, TPWT: 15th, TPL: 21st

Additionally, Misdreavous525 revealed two more contestants added to the season to bring the total to 74:

  • Lumineon (F) TPA: 23rd, TPL: 46th
  • Ursaring (M) TPWT: 13th, TPL: 61st

It's unknown what effect this will have on the team formations since there is now uneven numbers, but more information will follow.

Player representation by season

  • 25 of the 39 contestants in Total Pokemon Island will return, the exceptions being runner up Azumarill, 7th place Jumpluff, 8th place Magmortar, and earlier boots: Blissey, Porygon-Z, Staraptor, Clefable, Nidoking, Exploud, Spiritomb, Poliwrath, Lopunny, Gastrodon, and Slaking.

Pre Episodes Edit

These were used to explain some story elements and other happenings that occurred between Total Pokemon Live and Total Pokemon All Stars. About 10 years have taken place during that time and the players' lives have changed a lot during that period.

Episode 1

  • Ninetales became a pop star, giving up her past as a beauty queen. Her husband Hippowdon pushed her to follow her dream and make the career change. But the price of even further fame meant she spent very little time with Hippowdon or Ninedon, missing the latter's evolution along with other important life events. After some drama with another pop star Meloetta, she decided to take a break. Having gotten far in TPWT, she is hoping she can at least go a little further than that season and enjoy this opportunity to just focus on herself. Ninetales has pink died fur and a headset now.
  • Wigglytuff's friendship with Clefable was not repaired, and in fact got worse as Clefable took to her web show and Wigglytuff took to Jynx's talk show to further insult and defame each other. Wigglytuff also revealed why she went crazy in TPWT by explaining that around the final 15, Miltank and Alakazam (Mr.Zam) reveal which contestants are top 6 tier and ask the others to do something out of character that gets them eliminated. Wigglytuff is back on TPAS to prove to everyone she is the independent one, not Clefable. She also mentions Shuckle became a doctor which further made her seem like a gold digger. Wigglytuff has longer hair that goes to the length of her body now.

Episode 2

  • Primeape did not learn from the school of hard knocks that is reality shows and continued to be disrespectful in his daily life. Run ins with legendary Pokemon ended up injuring him to the point of becoming blind, needing a guide Stoutland to move around, and losing his legs and needing replacements. He refuses to believe in karma despite that being the likeliest explanation for his misfortunes. A further near death experience did make it clear to him that he should at least try to change his ways.
  • Tangrowth returned to school after her time on the show, in order to provide for her family. Things got complicated when her and Medicham's daughter Medigrowth started dating Gardoom, the son of Garchomp and Houndoom. Since Garchomp and Tangrowth were enemies for much of their time on the show, it was tough for Tangrowth to forgive and forget. Likewise, Dragonite had a tough time convincing Garchomp to be respectful to Tangrowth for the sake of their children. Ultimately they both tried to become friends again and it ended up working out.

Episode 3

  • Metagross ended up getting in contact with his birth parents, who both made several upgrades and experiments to improve their intelligence at expense of any emotion and personality. Against Furret's wishes, Metagross spent more time with them and agreed to be upgraded in order to become the smartest Metagross possible, with the memory of his defeat to Bellossom in an academic challenge in the final 5 of TPL fresh in his mind. This does essentially turn him into an emotionless cyborg.
  • Grumpig and his wife Lanturn competed in a lot of dance shows to follow their passion, at the expense of their parenting. Their daughter ended up inviting boys to their house while Grumpig was away, which made him question whether he is too lenient as a father and if that is a reflection of his own upbringing and actions as a teenager. He is nonetheless excited to have another chance of playing Total Pokemon because he wants to do better than he's ever done, especially after a disappointing early exit in TPL.

Episode 4

  • Seaking pursued a signing career, though her husband Xatu was worried at first because having that amount of fame and attention was what caused her to be a compulsive liar in the first place. Nonetheless, she went through with it though signs of her old personality started to come back. She made the decision to quit when her manager Oricorio tried to force her into a world tour. Having lived her dream, she stepped away from the spotlight for her own sake.
  • Drapion had some trouble at home, though he managed to become a college professor and became accepting of her former hidden nerd status. Roserade and Drapion's son Draperade started to act up, and Roserade started acting strange and moved to live with her mother. Seeking help, Bella Lee's advice proved unhelpful. Drapion is hoping he can last long enough in this All Star season to figure out what's going on with Roserade and fix his family issues.

Episode 5

  • Luxray finds himself in a mid life crisis. He decides to continue his musician career but some of his fans started calling him old. Luxray was in denial, as shown through his telling of the story in overusing words such as "epic" and "cool". He asked Misray, his and Mismagius's daughter, if he was old or not. Misray bluntly and probably inconsiderately told her father he was old. This upset Mismagius and she warned her daughter that if Luxray does anything stupid because of this, it would be her fault. Not long after she said that, Luxray appeared with a mohawk and having shaved off some of his chest hair/fur.
  • Roserade, like Drapion, has suffered due to developments in their family life. Draperade's teenage years have taken a toll on the Poison type parents. Their son has gotten involved with the wrong crowd and continued to act up as he grew older. He was especially rude to his mother Roserade and even attacked her with Poison Sting, which outraged Drapion. The final straw was Draperade and his friends being caught selling drugs. Luckily for Roserade, their Total Pokemon friend Magmortar was the police officer who caught him, so instead of jail time he sent Draperade to rehab. Roserade let herself go at that point and moved in with her mother.

Episode 6

  • Mismagius and Girafarig were not happy to be seated next to each other due to the drama between their kids. Misray and Ursarig started dating, but Misray pressured Ursarig to have sex. Ursarig initially refused, which caused Misray to cheat on Ursarig with Marowak and Phione's son and got pregnant at 17. These developments caused Girafarig to see Mismagius in a negative light since she was responsible for raising a perceived horrible daughter. Though Mismagius was pissed at her daughter, she defended her and this was the cause of a feud between Mismagius and Girafarig (though Luxray and Ursaring remain on good terms). Both of them don't care how well they do as long as they make it farther than the other player.

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