Bellossom and Giratina: Girabell

Arcanine and Rapidash: Growlyta

Luvdisc and Wailord: Luvlord

Furret and Metagross: Beltret

Girafarig and Ursaring: Teddifarig

Bellossom and Flygon: Trapdish

Lopunny and Machamp: Bunchop and Macheary

Cherrim and Magmortar: Magrubi

Luxray and Mismagius: Misdrinx

Absol and Dodrio: Abduo

Medicham and Tangrowth: Medigela

Gardevoir and Porygon-Z: Kirlygon2

Grumpig and Lanturn: Chinpoink

Leafeon and Shaymin: Eevmin

Marowak and Phione: Cubione

Meganium and Sceptile: Treeckorito

Jynx and Spiritomb: Smootomb

Persian and Purugly: Glameowth

Ambipom and Weavile: Aipsel

Azumarill and Carnivine: Azurivine

Gliscor and Vespiquen: Glibee

Blissey and Chimecho: Happingling

Poliwrath and Starmie: Starwag

Clefable and Staraptor: Starleffa

Hippowdon and Ninetales: Hippopix

Bellossom and Nidoking: Oddoran

Arcanine and Bellossom: Growlddish

Mantine and Milotic: Feetyke

Lunatone and Solrock: Staroon

Lumineon and Toxicroak: Finnegunk

Slaking and Zangoose: Zangoth

Bronzong and Espeon: Eevor

Lapras and Vaporeon: Eevpras

Drapion and Roserade: Budrupi

Stantler and Togekiss: Stangepi

Dragonite and Smeargle: Smeartini

Seaking and Xatu: Nadeen

Shuckle and Wigglytuff: Shigglybuff

Umbreon and S.Honckrow:Eevkrow

Steelix and Rapidash:Ponyx

Delcatty and Gastrodon:Skillos

Mothim and Jumpluff: Burpip


This my Avel, he is my Avel to my Papaya. I love Avelvel.

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