This is Misdreavous525's TPL Elimination as of her most recent episode 20. As of July 2017, Misdreavous525 returned to YouTube under a new channel and announced a new season: Total Pokemon All Stars. A full elimination order is found on his wikia:

New season announcement

Elimination Order (post Episode 20, their episodes and order were not known until July 2017)

1st Bellossom (Bella-Lee) Makes a return to the game at somepoint and after coming close in seasons 2 and 3 finishes the job and wins Total Pokemon Live!

2nd Wailord (Episode 50: Give the Performance of Your Game): Loses the final mega challenge repeating all previous challenges to Bellossom/Bella Lee

Episode 49: Aftermath 10: The Final Showdown

3rd Garchomp (Episode 48: All for One, But One Must Fall)

4th Jynx (Episode 47: Downsizing to Three)

5th Metagross (Episode 46: A Mind Bending Challenge)

6th Zangoose (Episode 45: Garchomp vs Bellossom)

7th Meganium (Episode 44: It's Anyone's Game)

Aftermath: Discussing the Lucky 7

8th Lopunny (Episode 42: Strut Your Stuff)

9th Absol (Episode 41: One Wrong Step and Your Chances Crumble)

10th Gastrodon (Episode 40: Trying to Make Your Dad Proud)

11th Jolteon (Episode 39: Time to Weigh Your Options)

12th Smeargle (Episode 38: An Artist's Masterpiece)

13th Blissey (Episode 37)

14th Marowak (Episode 37)

15th Banette (Episode 37: Don't Finish Last: Makes a return after redeeming himself for sticking up for Mismagius in the Aftermath)

16th Flygon 36: Confessionals Aren't Secret)

17th Luvdisc (Episode 36) Makes a return back as a Luvdisc as opposed to Alomomola

Aftermath 8: Piecing Together a Friendship

18th Dugtrio Episode 34)

19th Wigglytuff (Episode 34)

20th Steelix (Episode 34: Time to Sing Along)

21st Tangrowth (Episode 33)

22nd Milotic (Episode 33: Torturing the Night Away)

23rd Delcatty (Episode 32: Yes Miltank)

25th Froslass (Episode 32: Yes Miltank)

26th Cherrim: Returned to the show but eliminated Episode 31

27th Clefable (Episode 31: Cliff Diving to the Extreme)

Episode 30: Aftermath 7 Quizzable Eliminations

28th Zoroark (Episode 29)

29th Azelf (Episode 29)

30th Slaking (Episode 29)

31st Lunatone (Episode 29)

32nd Sceptile (Episode 29)

33rd Carnivine (Episode 29)

34th Umbreon (Episode 29)

35th Gothitelle (Episode 29)

36th Reuniclus (Episode 29)

37th Spiritomb (Episode 29)

38th Lanturn (Episode 29)

39th Rampardos (Episode 29)

40th Mesprit (Episode 29)

41st Shuckle (Episode 29)

42nd Hitmonlee (Episode 29)

43rd Gardevoir (Episode 29: Answer Right or Go Home)

Episode 28: Aftermath 6

44th Staraptor (Episode 27)

45th Espeon (Episode 27)

46th Hippowdon (Episode 27)

47th Lumineon (Episode 26)

48th Mothim (Episode 26)

49th Jumpluff (Episode 26: All's Fair in the Race for A Million)

Note: Above this point, Misdreavous525 includes Aftermaths in the episodes numbers on his wikia. Below this point were the episode numbers shown on youtube excluding Aftermaths from the count.

Eliminated Players before the hiatus:

50th: Lapras (5/5 Episode 20): See Musharna

51st: Dodrio (4/5 Episode 20): See Musharna

52nd: Luxray (3/5 Episode 20): See Musharna

53rd: Samurott (2/5 Episode 20): See Musharna

54th: Musharna (1/5 Episode 20): After winning her show back from her sister Shiny Miltank (Millicent), Miltank just about had it. Out of rage as well as laziness, Miltank eliminated all five contestants who were captains for this episode. Placing is determined by the order in which they entered the limousine and left the set.

55th: Leafeon (Episode 19): See Minun

56th: Minun (Episode 19 Stupid Cupid): Don't remember the reasons but Miltank mentioned they were voted out in the intro recap of Episode 20.

57th Furret (Episode 18): She was distracted by the pink elephants. Since Furret and Shaymin tied for votes (due to Furret wasting her vote on the pink elephants) Miltank decided to eliminate both players involved in the tie.

58th Shaymin (Episode 18): See Uxie

59th: Uxie (Episodes 18 Play the Game, Don't Let it Play You): The episode has not been reuploaded so I don't remember why Furret, Shaymin, or Uxie were eliminated but they were present before the final aftermath show and before Episode 20. Will sort this out later.

60th Bellossom ak.a. Bella Lee (5/5 Episode 17): Bellossom quit the game after deciding to let Flygon be with Gothitelle after Gothitelle told Bellossom that it was the best choice to make in terms of Flygon's safety.

61st Poliwrath (4/5 Episode 17): Miltank sent Poliwrath home for being a mess with Starmie eliminated.

62nd Mismagius (3/5 Episode 17): Luxray was voted off because he told Team Hariyama to give her a second chance, but Mismagius quit because she doesn't want a second chance; she wanted to leave because she deserved to.

63rd Ursaring (2/3 Episode 17): Lopunny forced Spiritomb to put down Hippowdon and Ursaring for elimination or she'd blindside him by getting everyone to turn against him cuz she has dirt on him that he doesn't want Jynx to know. Presumably Ursaring was voted off for having links to members of other teams such as Lapras and Bellossom.

64th Honchkrow (1/5 Episode 17 The Anti Jolly Holiday): Team Tauros got fed up with Honchkrow and Espeon fighting all the time, and since Espeon was more pleasant to be around overall in season 3 compared to Honchkrow, that detail got Honchkrow voted out over Espeon.

65th Nidoking (2/2 Episode 16): Garchomp got revenge on Nidoking for getting her eliminated in season 1 and spending more time with Nidoqueen than contributing to the challenges.

66th Vaporeon (1/2 Episode 16 A Mid Season's Hypnotic Dream): Ursaring snuck Girafarig and Teddifarig onto the set for being lonely, so when Miltank caught him, Vaporeon took the blame and got eliminated.

67th Ambipom (2/2 Episode 15): Ambipom failed at the challenge for doing a handstand, and he was also the last ally of Gothitelle, who is infamous for her blindsides.

68th Starmie (1/2 Episode 15 Hang Onto That Money): Due to Lopunny insulting Poliwrath, Starmie attacked her with Thunderbolt, only to accidentally hit Lumineon, which angered Lumineon. However, the team knew it was an accident, so they continued to vote off Rampardos, only for it to be revealed too late that for being a newcomer, Rampardos had immunity, so the only 2 votes that counted were directed towards Starmie.

69th Tropius (3/3 Episode 14): Dewott, Garchomp, and the rest of Team Tauros realized that Tropius was playing them so they blindsided him.

70th Swoobat (2/3 Episode 14): Lopunny tricked Swoobat into accidentally sabotaging Clefable with a defective smoke bomb, and even though Clefable tried to save him because she knew Lopunny was behind this, Ursaring believed Lopunny when she told him that Clefable and Swoobat set the whole thing up.

71st Kangaskhan (1/3 Episode 14 When You Least Expect It): Musharna wanted revenge on Froslass, Delcatty, Kangaskhan, Lanturn, and Jynx for kicking Musharna off the alliance and not only did Kangaskhan get eliminated for it, but Musharna exposed the alliance as well.

72nd Solrock (3/3 Episode 13): Garchomp made Meganium convince Lunatone that Solrock was cheating on her, and Lunatone then told Hitmonlee so Hitmonlee put Solrock up for elimination and Solrock was voted off.

73rd Hitmontop (2/3 Episode 13): Hitmontop competed in the fear challenge and failed, which was partially the reason his team lost.

74th Cherrim (1/3 Episode 13 Digging Yourself a Deeper Pit):To start with, people found Cherrim bossy and annoying, but Mismagius really got Cherrim eliminated to protect her secret from Episode 11.

75th Medicham (3/3 Episode 12): Musharna put him up because his fear of ghosts got the best of him again, but Garchomp forced Gardevoir to dress like a ghost to scare him as revenge for voting her off in TPA with the help of ex-crew members Mantine and Banette.

76th Plusle (2/3 Episode 12): Zangoose put him up because he cursed out his whole team when he woke up from his nap.

77th Gallade (1/3 Episode 12 Rotom Racers Deluke):Lopunny got her friend Duskinor to help her sabotage Gallade by hypnotizing him into telling his team to vote him off.

78th Banette (2/2 Episode 11): Banette wanted to cheer Mismagius up after Luxray forgot about a holiday important to her, and Mismagius jumped the gun and kissed Banette, and once Luxray saw it, Mismagius pretended like Banette kissed her to save her own butt, and once word got out to the rest of the cast, Banette became the scapegoat and was voted out.

79th Togekiss (1/2 Episode 11 More Bang for Your Buck): Jolteon put her and Tropius up for elimination because those were the two most people wanted to go this episode. However, Tropius worked his magic to blindside another person suspicious of his gameplan.

80th Roserade (2/2 Episode 10): Team Scizor thought that despite Roserade being nice this season, she doesn't contribute much to the team, so voting her off wouldn't do that much damage.

81st Phione (1/2 Episode 10 A Ditto Dilemma): Milotic, against her intentions, switched her vote from Woobat to Phione because she thought that Phione's attacking Honchkrow would affect her later on.

82nd Porygon-Z (3/3 Episode 9): After he told Gardevoir about his alliance with Mesprit, Zangoose, Starmie, and Lumineon, and after he got Toxicroak eliminated 4 episodes ago, his team didn't know if they could trust him.

83rd Hitmonchan (2/3 Episode 9): Gothitelle found Hitmonchan as a threat so she put him up for elimination and blindsided him.

84th Primeape (1/3 Episode 9 The Kaffeine Derby): He was widely hated by his teammates and the cast as a whole.

85th Alomomola (2/ Episode 8): Alomomola confronted Tropius on whether or not he was villainous so Tropius was scared Alomomola was on to him so he blindsided her. Alomomola reverted back to Luvdisc in the following Aftermath episode.

86th Dragonite (1/2 Episode 8 Gotta Eliminate Them All): Tropius told her that Milotic and Solrock wanted her out so Dragonite put Solrock and Milotic up for elimination, and since everyone thought that Dragonite was stupid for not trusting Milotic and Solrock, resulting in her elimination.

87th Weavile (3/3 Episode 7): Leafeon wanted revenge against Weavile getting Glaceon eliminated.

88th Purugly (2/3 Episode 7): Everyone hates her and has hated her since season 1.

89th Steelix (1/3 Episode 7 Horror and Terror Live): Primeape used his immunity doll so all votes cast against him were negated; Primeape found Steelix more annoying that Jynx for being Bellossom's son.

90th Grumpig (3/3 Episode 6): Garchomp insulted Lanturn in front of Grumpig so he got so angry he activated a boombox that trapped his team in dance, costing them the challenge.

91st Ninetales (2/3 Episode 6): Lopunny tricked Ninetales and Hippowdon into following her and then Lopunny blamed Ninetales for doing that so Shaymin put Ninetales up for elimination.

92nd Glaceon (1/3 Episode 6 Lights, Camera, Chibis): Banette chose to put Ambipom and Glaceon up for elimination for their high rankings last season, and since Glaceon got 3rd last season, the team found it the better move to vote off Glaceon.

93rd Toxicroak (2/2 Episode 5): Garchomp threatened Porygon-Z to put Lumineon and Toxicroak up for elimination or she'd beat him up, rendering him useless for the season. Since Toxicroak ranked higher than Lumineon in season 2, the players used that as incentive to vote him off over Lumineon.

94th Stantler (1/2 Episode 5 Dating 101 or Not): Garchomp threatened Poliwrath to put Stantler up for elimination or she'd beat him up, rendering him useless for the season.

95th Sudowoodo (3/3 Episode 4): His performance in the cry challenge wasn't the best so Lapras thought voting off Sudowoodo would be a fair and wise move for the team.

96th Gliscor (2/3 Episode 4): Shuckle put him up for elimination because his teammates feared that he would be stressed like Vespiquen in season 3 if Gliscor continued in the game for a long time.

97th Illumise a.k.a. Ellamise (1/3 Episode 4 Pokemon Cries and Underhanded Lies): Tropius played her and then blindsided Illumise.

98th Mantine (2/2 Episode 3): He got distracted by a toy store due to his ADD, similar to what Ambipom had in season 3.

99th Machamp (1/2 Episode 3 Where Was the Studio Again?): He was widely hated by his team and by most of the cast.

100th Houndoom (3/3 Episode 2): Gliscor asked Mismagius to put him up for elimination and blindsided him to avenge Vespiquen.

101st Rapidash (2/3 Episode 2): Machamp was voted off, but his immunity doll made only Machamp's vote for Rapidash count, causing her elimination.

102nd Blaziken (1/3 Episode 2 Variety and Backstabbing): He was a jerk to his team.

103rd Drapion (2/2 Episode 1): Lopunny knew she was possibly going home so she convinced Gallade to put him up for elimination to blindside him.

104th Vespiquen (1/2 Episode 1 We Didn't Stop the Power): Garchomp hates her so she blindsided Vespiquen.

Edited by: Vaporterra

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