This is a list of all the contestants eliminated so far on Mis525's Total Pokémon Island Take 2.

38.Treecko - (Team Articuno) (Episode 1) - He didn't jump out of the plane for his team and was very annoying. He got eliminated over Chikorita.

37.Smeargle (Team Darkrai) (Episode 2)  - He believed aliens exist. He got eliminated over Gible.

36.Mantyke (Team Darkrai) (Episode 3) - She fell on Barboach, causing her team to lose. She left over Barboach.

35.Flaaffy (Team Articuno) (Episode 4) - She got overexcited after she evolved, knocking herself and Monferno out in the process, plus her alliance thought she was too bossy. She took the boot over Cacnea.

34.Spinarak (Team Articuno) (Episode 5) - He lost his cool and yelled at Bellsprout after a boulder dropped onto them during the challenge. He left over Cacnea.

33.Probopass (Team Darkrai) (Episode 6) - She freaked out after she evolved, knocking out Gabite in the middle of the challenge, causing her team to lose. She got eliminated over Voltorb.

32.Onix (Team Darkrai) (Episode 7) - Even though Ekans lost for the team, for some reason, Onix surprisingly took the boot over him.


  • Treecko was the first guy to be voted off.
  • Mantyke was the first girl to be voted off.
  • Flaafy was the first captain to get voted off.
  • Treecko was the first person ever to get voted off.
  • One pokemon's elimination was caused by Seedot (Probopass).