This is the new elmination table of Mis525 new TP

Total Pokemon Island:

38.Treecko (for not jumping out of the plane,and for being very annoying)

37.Smeargle (believing aliens esxit)

36.Mantyke (Falling on Barboach,causing the team to lose)

35.Flaafy (K.O'd her own team)

34.Spinarak (Losing his tempure and yelling at bellsprout)

33.Probopass (Knocking out Gabite,causing the team to lose)

32.Onix (reason unknown)


  • Treecko was the first boy to be voted off.
  • Mantyke was the first girl to bevoted off.
  • Flaafy was the first captin to get voted off.
  • Treecko was the first person ever to get voted off.
  • One pokemon's elimination was caused by Seedot (Probopass).

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