Meowth picture 212

The Winner



Runner Up


Elimination Order

36.Ambipom-thejjs114 (Team Flareon) (Voted Out) Episode 1

35.Meloetta-skyaipom67 (Team Flareon) (Voted Out) Episode 2

34.Grovyle-legoandfunstuff (Team Jolteon) (Voted Out) Episode 3

33.Dugtrio-FanOfDiglett1 (Team Vaporeon) (Voted Out) Episode 3

Shiny Totodile-Myellowtony (Team Vaporeon) Evolves Into Shiny Croconaw Episode 4

32.Tropius-TROPIUSPOLIWRATH15 (Team Flareon) (Voted Out) Episode 4

31.Staraptor-swellow72 (Team Flareon) (Voted Out) Episode 5

30.Clefable-MySimsBeebee (Team Flareon) (Voted Out) Episode 6

29.Lickitung-evanrules8 (Team Vaporeon) (Voted Out) Episode 6

Rapidash-PonytaFan24 Swaps From Team Vaporeon To Flareon

28.Gliscor-Coolaj100cp (Team Jolteon) (Voted Out) Episode 7

27.Rapidash-PonytaFan24 (Team Flareon) (Voted Out) Episode 7

26.Darumakka-ProfessorCharizard (Team Jolteon) (Account Closed) Episode 8

25.Jynx-ledyba747 (Team Flareon) (Voted Off) Episode 9

Ambipom-thejjs114,Jynx-Ledyba747,Gliscor-Coolaj100cp,Tropius-TROPUISPOLIWRATH15 And Staraptor-swellow72 Return

24.Drifloon-mikimor8 (Team Jolteon) (Voted off) Episode 10

23.Blissey-MrPokeguy9 (Team Flareon) (Lost In Tiebreaker) Episode 10

22.Ambipom-thejjs114 (Team Jolteon) (Voted Off) Episode 11

21.Snivy-12MaxR (Team Jolteon) (Voted Off) Episode 12

20.Staraptor-swellow72 (Team Flareon) (Voted Off) Episode 12

19.Spheal-yoshiboy19 (Team Vaporeon) (Voted Off) Episode 12

18.Yanakki-PokemonFan123451 (Team Jolteon) (Voted off) Episode 13

17.Gliscor-Coolaj100cp (Team Flareon) (Voted Off) Episode 13


Rapidash-PonytaFan24 And Dugtrio-FanOfDiglett1 Return Episode 14

16.Shiny Croconaw-Myellowtony (Merged Teams) (Voted Off) Episode 14

15.Heracross-ShadowCharizard853 (Merged Teams) (Voted Off) Episode 15

Shiny Feraligatr-Myellowtony And Meloetta-Skyaipom67 And Spheal-yoshiboy19 Return Episode 15/16 Repectively

14.Arcanine-gopokemon121 (Merged Teams) (Chosen To Leave) Episode 16

13.Tropius-TROPUISPOLIWRATH15 (Merged Teams) (Chosen To Leave) Episode 16

Blissey-MrPokeguy9,Clefable-mysimsbeebee Return Episode 17

12.Meloetta-Skyaipom67 (Merged Teams) (Voted Off) Episode 17

11.Shiny Feraligatr-Myellowtony (Merged Teams) (Voted Off) Episode 17

10.Spheal-yoshiboy19 (Merged Teams) (Voted Off) Episode 17

9.Jynx-Ledyba747 (Merged Teams) (Voted Off) Episode 18

8.Starmie-starmie924 (Merged Teams) (Voted Off) Episode 19

7.Futachimaru-thetoycollector100 (Merged Teams) (Chosen To Be Out) Episode 20

6.Rapidash-PonytaFan24 (Merged Teams) (Voted Out) Episode 21

5.Clefable-MySimsBeeBee (Merged Teams) (There Was A Twist That The Person With Least Votes Was Out So Blissey Was Going To Be Out But Clefable Saved Him) Episode 22

4.Shaymin-glaceonlover11 (Merged Teams) (Voted Off) Episode 23

3.Dugtrio-FanofDiglett1 (Merged Teams) (Voted Out) Episode 24

Runner Up Blissey-MrPokeguy9 (Merged Teams) (Lost In Final 2) Episode 25

Winner Meowth-vaporterra (Merged Teams) (Won In Final 2) Episode 25

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