Pokemon Big Brother

Eviction Order

1.Cherrim-AwesomeMudkipKing (Evicted)

2.Absol-shadestar8 (Evicted)

3.Pachirisu-P64Camps (Evicted)

4.Vaporeon-vix956 (Evicted)

5.Tepig-xavierjr190 (Evicted)

6.Gliscor-GliscorRaider1 (Evicted)

7.Gallade-Sizorwooper2 (Evicted)

8.Spinda-PokemonRule2011 (0/3 Jury Votes)

9.Luxray-SHINXBOY1 (1/3 Jury Votes)

Winner Blissey-MrPokeguy9 (2/3 Jury Votes)

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