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MijumaruIsAwesome has hosted a few camps in his time on youtube and this is what we are going to talk about.

Total Pokemon Island Main Series 1 Edit

Total pokemon island was my first ever camp it had 24 campers or 36 as there was 12 returners in the game. This camp was all in messages all up to episode 12 were videos were starting being made in this series people evolved some people swtiched teams one of the most famous people in this camp for what they did was Clefable-MySimsBeebee because she gave her spot up in the final 4 to her brother Blissey-MrPokeguy9 who went on to getting 2nd place in the final 5 Dugtrio-FanOfDiglett1 would of left with 2 of the votes but there was a twist that meant the person with the least votes went home and it was a tie between Blissey and Clefable. The eventual winner was Meowth-vaporterra.
Meowth picture 212

Winner of tpi

Pokemon Big Brother Filler Series 1 Edit

This was based off of Big brother but this had pokemon there were 10 players and the final 6-4 were the jury of the final 3.The Final 3 were Spinda-PokemonRule2011,Luxray-SHINXBOY1 and Blissey-Mrpokeguy9, Spinda got third place with 0 votes luxray got 2nd with 1 vote from Gliscor-GliscorRaider1 and Blissey-Mrpokeguy9 won with 2 votes from Gallade-Sizorwooper2 and Tepig-xavierjr190.


Winner of Pokemon Big Brother

Total Pokemon Action Main Series 2 Edit

This was the second season my main series' it had 32 original contestants but the lowest rank was 41 due to 8 returners and 1 add on. The two teams were Team Espeon and Team Umbreon. The final 2 were Emolga-P64Camps and Gallade-Sizorwooper2 Which were both members of Team Espeon gallade got 3 votes while Emolga got 4 meaning Emolga-P64Camps won my second edition to my main series'. THe winner of Total pokemon island who was meowth-vaporterra was a persian this time and he got third place through a challenge.

winner of total pokemon action

Pokemon Camp Orange Filler Series 2 Edit


Winner of pokemon camp orange

This Camp was Camp orange this camp was cancelled but i decided to reveal who


Winner of pokemon camp orange

was the winner from the Champ Orange votes this was The Psyflame Duo which Consisted of Gardevoir:GoPoke

mon1000 and Magmar:shadestar8.

Total Pokemon World Tour Main Series 3 Edit

This was my third main series with the most original people in than ever totaling up to 60 and having 66 places 2 of which were add ons the other 4 were returners. This was the first ever season to have some disqualified which was Celebi-thetoycollector100. The Eventual final 3 Were Kirlia-GoPokemon1000,Dustox-shadestar8 and Archen-vanderman128. In 3rd place with 1 of the jury votes was Kirlia who was voted by Purrloin-vaporterra Archen got 2 votes from Blissey-MrPokeguy9 and Bisharp-Sizorwooper2 and the winner Dustox-shadestar8 got 6 votes from Servine-28o6,Heatmor-MechaXenoxine55,Metagross-TheAndybob5,Hitmontop-nintendofan204,Bronzong-PokemonGirlOshawott and Manectric-buizelrulez01 also spheal-yoshiboy19 did not vote. Past winners vaporterra whot this season played as a Purrloin got 12th place and P64Camps who played as a Simisear as a add on this season got 33rd place.

Winner of total pokemon world tour

Total Pokemon Universe Main Series 4 Edit

This season is in space and planets.Before teams were made at final 56/62 only people with immunity were allowed to vote players off. The first set of teams were 7 teams of 8 each.

Out of previous winners the first one out was shadestar8 he was Kecleon this season and he claimed 48th place through a twist in the game.

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