Mightyena is a Dark-type Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It evolves from Poochyena at Level 18.


TPI: Mightyena was one of the original campers to come to the island. He evolved from Poochyena in episode 3 after being in the Final 3 of the challenge along with Skitty/Delcatty and Munchlax/Snorlax. During the team stage, he was in the middle of a love triangle between Delcatty and Leafeon, however after Leafeon found love with Lanturn from another camp, Mightyena was happy to be in a relationship with Delcatty. Mightyena easily made merge and formed a solid alliance with Delcatty and Leafeon. During the merge, Mightyena won numerous immunities and was labelled as a strategically threat. At the Final 6, Mightyena formed a solid alliance with Delcatty, Blissey and Torterra. He survived Final 6 and 5 elimination. At the Final 4 elimination, Blissey made a deal with Rapidash to keep her safe and when Blissey won immunity and chose who got eliminated, she decided that Mightyena was the biggest threat to her and Mightyena was eliminated and placed 4th. Mightyena was offered a place in Total Pokemon Action.

TPA: Mightyena was one of the 20 previous contestants to return to compete to win. Mightyena was placed in Team Smeargle with Delcatty and made a solid alliance with her. When Sandslash announced that each team would be voting a player off, Mightyena was not sure whether he was safe or not. When Delcatty was told by Beautifly to vote off Beedrill, Mightyena was going to do the same, whoever, unknown to them, Beautifly was planning to blindside Mightyena and at the elimination, when it came go to Mightyena and Beedrill, Mightyena was blindsided and sent packing, placing him 49th.


TPI: 4th TPA: 49th