Mewtwo is a legendary Psychic-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I. Mewtwo is famous for being known as the most powerful Pokémon until Arceus was introduced. Mewtwo doesn't have any evolutions, but is commonly associated with Mew as a duo. Starting at Generation VI, like Charizard, it received two Mega Evolutions, Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo.


Being a legendary Pokémon, Mewtwo rarely appears as a contestant, but it does appear as a host or chef, and occasionally as part of a particularly difficult challenge, probably near the end of the game.

Multi classer(joe olson's) mewtwoEdit


In 1974, Mewtwo was born along with her sister Mew in France as parents to a Umbreon and a Gardevoir. 17 years later, in 1990 Mewtwo got hired as a mercenary in the shady corporation and french mafia known as s.p.y.s everywhere known for its inner company wars among the company's factions in Europe and trade with mann & sons corporation in teufort, new mexico(aka mann co.) in 2000 the factions of the company had enough with eachother and plotted for each factions to kill eachother in a complete crime war with the fractions going to war being d.e.r.(france) e.u.l.b.(england) n.e.e.r.g.(spain)and o.w.l.l.e.y.(sweden) mewtwo decided to join the faction he worked for,d.e.r. and off went the war in 2001 one year after the crime war began,flaafy a member of the y.e.r.g. faction also from from france electivire the II(the ceo of y.e.r.g.) hired her to kill all of the ceo's of each faction for two reason's,one electivire II would become overall leader of s.p.y.'s everywhere and two the crime war became increasingly annoying due to the fact they perferd to stay out of the civil war and only to help pay each faction with their criminal acts but they were running out of money so by killing the ceo's they would get there money and refill the orginazation's bank account,after killing the ceo's on flaafy's way back home she bumped into mewtwo and had a talk with him turns out mewtwo planned to move out of abbeville and move into los angeles, California and retire there, Flaafy was also coincidentally going to retire to California after that mission so they both got on the same train together after packing there things they shortly fell in love afterwords until one day that revealed their criminal past' 2003 mewtwo decided to sell the knife he used when he worked for s.p.y.s. everywhere for $40,000,000 shortly afterwards s.p.y.s. everywhere was discovered by the french goverment, and was shut down and flaafy broke up with Mewtwo shortly after hearing the news,flaafy then vowed that she would kill Mewtwo one day as her final mission,around the year's afterwords Mewtwo is now an entrapunerer and is planning a game show called "Total Pokémon Island" where they pick 20+ Pokémon to compete for $1,000,000.


In Total Pokémon Island, mewtwo is the host of the series. he is also the chairman of the total pokemon company.