MegaLuxray123's Total Pokemon Island has 30 contestants on an island battling to win the competition. There will be drama, action, friendships and possibly some romance throughout the series. The show has a total of 5 different voice actors for the characters, so the characters have a variety of voices themselves. The host and co-host are Zoroark and Jellicent, voiced by MegaLuxray123 and Chilled Angel respectively. Unlike most TPI's, this show has an intro and outro made in Sony Vegas rather than Powerpoint.

The first episode is currently uploaded, with more episodes planned soon.


Team Scizor:Edit

Captain: Eevee (F) [Voiced by Chilled Angel]

Totodile (M) [Voiced by DarkZero121]

Helioptile (F) [Voiced by Chilled Angel]

Gible (M) [Voiced by WolfMirage]

Bagon (F) [Voiced by MegaLuxray123]

Buizel (F) [Voiced by Chilled Angel]

Aron (M) [Voiced by Typemania]

Swirlix (F) [Voiced by Chilled Angel]

Noibat (F) [Voiced by MegaLuxray123]

Horsea (F) [Voiced by Chilled Angel]

Zangoose (M) [Voiced by CommanderSlothus]

Sneasel (F) [Voiced by MegaLuxray123]

Chimchar (M) [Voiced by WolfMirage]

Phantump (F) [Voiced by MegaLuxray123]

Fennekin (F) [Voiced by Chilled Angel]

Team Hydreigon:Edit

Captain: Honedge (M) [Voiced by CommanderSlothus]

Clauncher (M) [Voiced by WolfMirage]

Minccino (F) [Voiced by Chilled Angel]

Shinx (F) [Voiced by MegaLuxray123]

Binacle (M) [Voiced by Typemania]

Litleo (F) [Voiced by MegaLuxray123]

Rhyhorn (M) [Voiced by WolfMirage]

Snubbull (F) [Voiced by Chilled Angel]

Skiddo (F) [Voiced by MegaLuxray123]

Ralts (M) [Voiced by CommanderSlothus]

Electrike (M) [Voiced by Typemania]

Klefki (F) [Voiced by Chilled Angel]

Tyrunt (M) [Voiced by DarkZero121]

Rufflett (M) [Voiced by DarkZero121]

Sandile (M) [Voiced by DarkZero121]

Elimination OrderEdit

Episode 1: Phantump

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