Meditite is a Fighting/Psychic pokemon introduced in Generation III. It evolves into Medicham at level 37.


Meditite debuted a few episodes after TPA started, along with joining players Nidoking, Drifblim, and Bellossom. Meditite evolved into Medicham when he fell in love with Tangela, who in turn evolved into Tangrowth.


Meditite joined TPA post merge and was key in helping Venusaur and Skiploom resolve their conflict, but currently to little avail. Meditite exited the game in Episode 33 to save Skiploom from elimination, saying that Skiploom will be unable to win the game unless she and Venusaur become friends again.


Meditite debuted in TPA alongside 15 other new contestants. Being the Amber of the group, she's a nice, intelligent player, and she immediately showed interest toward Hitmonlee. Meditite's dance skills helped her win the Shake It Up challenge, making her TC of Team Mt.Pyre. In Episode 2, Meditite and Hitmonlee both were wierded out by Roselia's story, and Meditite chose Drowzee for the ping pong part of the Suite Life challenge. Despite Drowzee losing to Froslass, Meditite was proud of Drowzee. In the lasertag challenge, Meditite didn't shoot anyone, but her team won, though due to Rapidash and Yanmega's cheating.

Based On Amber Mariano (Survivor Australia and allstars)
Friends Everyone except enemies
Enemies Possibly Yanmega and Rapidash
Love Interest Hitmonlee

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