Mareep is an Electric pokemon introduced in Generation II. It evolves into Flaaffy at level 15.


Mareep was the mean girl and the main antagonist of the series and really played to win. She created the M-alliance with Murkrow and Misdreavous, only for it to dissolve after Misdreavus's elimination and Murkrow and Mareep's evolutions. She was voted off after getting a "Rock of Power" and going mad with power, attacking the others. She got 13th place.


Mareep was the dumb girl in this series and fell in love with Treecko. She evolved into Flaaffy during the evolution battle and alligned with Mismagius. She left in the eating challenge for whining, and because Mismagius backstabbed her and voted for her. She got 12th place.


Mareep was the Jerri of the camp, showing potential to be both good and evil. Mareep has a crush on Electrike, and Electrike felt the same way, and the two became a couple, only for Mareep to get voted off in Episode 6 because her team thought that since Mareep liked Electrike, she'd throw challenges for her team. Mareep qualified for TPA and evolved into Flaaffy in the first episode. Trivia

-For some reason, in the TPi world, Mareep have a tendency to allign with members of the Misdreavus family.

-In Vaporterra's TPI, Mareep is one of two players to get voted off unanimously, the other being Yanmega.

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