Manectric is an Electric pokemon introduced in Generation III. It evolves into Electrike at level 26.


Manectric evolved from Electrike after winning the challenge in Episode 15. Manectric was able to make the merge and alligned with Scizor and Houndoom. The alliance was doing well, avoiding the first three post merge eliminations, but for one reason or another, Froslass's annoyance of Manectric cost him the game when Froslass won the challenge and she was granted the ability to eliminate whoever she wanted to, and she chose Manectric. Manectric voted for Dragonite to win, deeming her as most worthy to win. Manectric, with the help of Mareep and Houndoom, qualifies for season 2.

In TPA, Manectric's bond with Mareep is still strong, as he is seen congratulating her after she evolved into Flaaffy and won the Shake It Up challenge out of the returning girls. As for Manectric, he finished in 8th out of the returning guys in the Shake It Up challenge. Needless to say, Manectric was Flaaffy's first choice to be on Team Safari Zone with her. In Episode 2, Flaaffy chose Manectric to represent Team Safari Zone in the ping pong tourney of the Suite Life challenge, and although Manectric lost to Drowzee in the first round, he was not bitter. In the laser tag portion of the challenge, Manectric, along with Taillow, avoid getting shot by Team Iron Island, unlike Lileep, Skitty, and Happiny. But thanks to Pikachu, Team Safari Zone won the challenge. In Episode 3, Manectric seems to be Flaaffy's second in command as he approves of Flaaffy picking Pikachu for the licking part of the iCarly challenge and also approves of Kirlia's idea for messing with Mamoswine, which helped earn immunity for Team Safari zone.

Based On Benjamin "Coach" Wade (Survivor Tocantins and Heroes vs. Villains)
Friends Wailord, Houndoom, Dragonite, Drapion, Scizor, Marill, Taillow, Abra, Drowzee, Pikachu, Kirlia
Enemies Rapidash, Yanmega, Froslass
Love Interest Flaaffy

TPI: 9th



He won the first season of mine, He got million dollars.

Based On Rob Cesternino (Survivor The Amazon and All Stars)
Friends Scizor , Villains
Enemies Most of the heroes
Love Intrest Delcatty
Rank TPI : Winner


  • Ironically, while Manectric is based off of Coach Wade, who is known as the dragon slayer, Manectric voted for Dragonite, a dragon type, to win Total Pokemon Island.

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