Mahiru is a Female Meowstic that carries a camera around with her. She likes to take pictures of her experiences in camps, and is quite feministic, but became quite normal and fun after being scolded by Alucard in Shinx's PBB4.


Mahiru is a photographer that recently escaped the clutches of her abusive father. He made her work while he sat around getting fat, and leaving her to do every chore and provide for the family, ever since her mother passed. She completely isolated herself from him, and hasn't heard from him since...

Fun FactsEdit

  • Her father was murdered, and she never learned until she was contacted by police.
    • ​She became a suspect for it after showing very little care over his death, but was found innocent.
  • ​She works as a photographer.
  • Used to be feminist until she got a deep talk from Alucard.
  • Her mother is working as a war photographer, whom Mahiru looks up to.

Camp AppearancesEdit

ShinxBoy01's Pokemon Big Brother 4: Rebooted, TBD.

Various Photos She TookEdit

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