Magmortar as Duncan.

Magmortar is a Fire type Pokemon and the final evolved form of Magby and introduces in Generation IV.


Magmortar is one of the toughest Fire type Pokemon. He is Duncan in the cast. His love intenst is Cherrim.

In TPI he made it to the final 8 where Espeon and Umbreon saw him and Cherrim as threats due to their relationship Magmortar told the others to vote him out and keep Cherrim at the marshmallow ceremony they honored his wishes

Rankings:TPI:8th TPA:44th TPTM:48th

MrPokeguy9 Edit

Magmortar joined TPI in Episode 9 as a Magby after being hatched from an egg. He joined Team Charmeleon and quickly bonded with Squirtle & Crawdaunt. Magby was a good asset to his team during his stay in the game, helping them in challenge and surviving the eliminations, not being targeted until Episode 16 when his team lost the challenge and it turned out to be a triple elimination, where he was voted off along with Delcatty & Gliscor due to Lickilicky's manipulative gameplay. He placed 26th.

He would later return to TPA, joining in Episode 7 and becoming a part of Team Smeargle where he quickly bonded with Ambipom, Donphan & Beedrill as he noticed early on that the girls were targeting the boys, so Magmar decided to just try and remain useful and lay low which worked. He later evolved into Magmortar after helping his team win the challenge in Episode 15. Magmortar made it to merge where he still remained loyal to Ambipom, as well as Plusle & Wigglytuff who they aligned with once merge hit. Once at the merge, Magmortar remained loyal towards Ambipom, him being his closest ally. During the merge, Magmortar remained strategically quiet but socially active. During the Escape the Night event, after rescuing Froslass, Sandslash was targeted for being perceived as the strongest physically, however when it came to the final big pearl, Sandslash decided neither Magmortar or Vespiquen (whom he was in the bottom 2 with) deserved it as they were both captured by Froslass and didn't help him escape, thus eliminating Magmortar, placing him 10th.


TPI: 26th

TPA: 10th