Magcargo is a Fire/Rock pokemon introduced in Generation II. It evolves from Slugma at level 38.


Magcargo evolved from Slugma just before merge. Magcargo started dating Corsola during TPI and during merge, made an alliance with Corsola, Blissey, Torterra, Bellossom and Clefable. during the start of the merge, Magcargo showed his strong by winning the first immunity challenge along with Corsola, Blissey, Rapidash and Crawdaunt. During the Final 12, Bellossom decided to blindside Magcargo with the help of everyone else still left in the game. Magcargo was blindsided by Bellossom and placed 12th. Magcargo was not offered a place in Total Pokemon Action, but will be hosting Total Pokemon Action Aftermath Show with Corsola


TPI: 12th



Magcargo is the Ezekiel of the group, so his social skills are subpar. He evolved from Slugma upon winning the iCarly challenge for Team Mt.Pyre, which likely got Magcargo more respect.

Based On Ezekiel (Total Drama Island, Total Drama World Tour)
Friends Possibly Scizor, Whismur, Rapidash
Enemies None, although most players find him wierd
Relationship Rapidash (one sided on his side)

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