Lumineon is a Water pokemon introduced in Generation Iv. It evolves from Finneon at level 31.


Lumineon debuted in season 2 and her husband is Toxicroak. She was played by the Dexteras master chef, Pierre Pamplemousse. So far she has obtained 23rd place in TPA and didn't compete in TPWT/TM. Lumineon is still in TPL but due to her anger management being a bigger problem recently and for voting off Starmie, she may not last much longer.


Lumineon evolved from Finneon in Episode 3 of TPA out of confidence that she'll win this eason and anger that she almost got voted off over Marill. She is the Courtney (Total Drama) of the group. Shortly after evolving, she meets up with Shelgon to presently surprise each other upon evolving recently. Lumineon believes that her alliance with Shelgon will take her to the end, but she is unaware that Shelgon has side alliances with Chimecho and Yanmega. When Trapinch won the what am I licking portion of the iCarly challenge, Lumineon dismissed it, saying that it required no actual skill.

Based On Courtney (Total Drama Island, Action, and World Tour)
Friends Bagon, possibly Electabuzz, Masquerain, and Grumpig
Enemies Everyone except friends
Love Interest

Possibly Elekid via personality compatibility (TBC in TPA)


TPI: 28th (tied with Bagon)


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