Lileep is a Grass/Rock pokemon introduced in Generation III. It evolves into Cradily at level 40.


Lileep joined the show in episode 5 along with Cranidos, being born from the fossil in the challenge. She didn't really do that much until the quiz challenge. Although she occasionally made mistakes, she was doing well. However, after ghosts scared her away, the only competitors left for her team were Lickilicky and Chimchar, the two dumbest players. They lost, and the team voted Lileep off. She evolved into Cradily between Total Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon Island and episode 29. She is now in TPA as Cradily, and has not been voted out yet.


TPI: 21st



Lileep debutted in TPA along with 15 other new contestants. He's the Tom of the group, so he's a relatively nice guy. Lileep thinks working hard is important, and he finished in 4th in the Shake It Up challenge out of the new players. He was put on Team Safari Zone. In Episode 2, Lileep got shot by Riolu in the laser tag portion of the Suite Life challenge, but he was happy for Pikachu when he evolved and won the challenge for Team Safari Zone.

Based On Tom Westman (Palau and Heroes vs. Villains)
Friends All except enemies
Enemies Probably the villains (Yanmega, Rapidash, Bagon, Finneon)

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