Total Pokémon World Tour is the second season of LeviMarshmellowPeeps's TPI series.


Pikachu chooses forty-two players, who are then divided into two teams and have to compete in a series of challenges around the world for a grand prize of 1 million dollars.

Elimination ChartEdit

Contestant Primary team Rank Episode
Klink Vicious Vigoroths 42nd Great Barrier Grief
Kecleon Terrific Terrakions 41st Abra, Niagara, Alakazam
Shinx Terrific Terrakions 40th Canyon Companion
Numel Terrific Terrakions 39th Mission In-fossil-ble
Trubbish Vicious Vigoroths 38th Quit While You're A Head
Kricketune Terrific Terrakions 37th Marrow, Pharaohs, and Arrows
Magcargo Vicious Vigoroths 36th Zip Line Over Alpine
Murkrow Terrific Terrakions 35th Nimble Symbols
Luvdisc Terrific Terrakions 34th When in Rome
Volcarona Terrific Terrakions 33rd Lights Out!
Anorith Vicious Vigoroths 32nd The Great Wall to a Great Fall
Stantler Vicious Vigoroths 31st Falling Apart at the Dreams
Grumpig Terrific Terrakions 30th Strike me Pink
Sharpedo Vicious Vigoroths 29th Rapture Capture
Shuppet Vicious Vigoroths 28th Mum's The Bird
Dragonair Terrific Terrakions 27th Hunger Games and Thunder Pains
Zebstrika Vicious Vigoroths 26th See 'Em and Reap
Ferrothorn Terrific Terrakions 25th What's Mined is Yours
Floatzel Vicious Vigoroths 24th Louvre is in the Air
Archeops Terrific Terrakions 23rd Rowdy Howdy
Drifloon Terrific Terrakions 22nd When Shadows Collide
Carnivine Vicious Vigoroths 21st Verge of Merge
Cacturne Vicious Vigorths 20th Corruption Eruption
Sandslash Vicious Vigoroths 19th Liar, Liar, Chance on Fire
Seviper Terrific Terrakions 18th Big Ben by Ten
Heracross Terrific Terrakions 17th Kiss, We Make Up
Scizor Vicious Vigoroths 16th It's Not Rocket Science
Toxicroak Terrific Terrakions 15th Mist Me, Mist Me
Shuckle Vicious Vigoroths 14th Medal in Meddling
Corsola Terrific Terrakions 13th Ar-endzone-a
Ariados Terrific Terrakions 12th Game, Set, Machu
Breloom Vicious Vigoroths 11th Lost and Pound
Girafarig Vicious Vigoroths 10th Hoodoo You Think You Are?
Tangrowth Vicious Vigoroths 9th Tokyoh-no
Arcanine Terrific Terrakions 8th Extra-terror-estrial
Dustox Vicious Vigoroths 7th You Want a Pisa Me?
Vibrava Vicious Vigoroths 6th Greece is the Word
Huntail Vicious Vigoroths 5th One Fish, Two Fish, Fake Fish, True Fish
Absol Terrific Terrakions 4th Put a Ring on it
Ambipom Vicious Vigoroths 3rd 10,000 D.C.
Tropius Terrific Terrakions 2nd The Beginning of the End
Lumineon Terrific Terrakions 1st

Episode GuideEdit

  1. Great Barrier Grief
  2. Abra, Niagara, Alakazam
  3. Canyon Companion
  4. Mission In-fossil-ble
  5. Quit While You're A Head
  6. Marrow, Pharaohs, and Arrows
  7. Zip Line Over Alpine
  8. Nimble Symbols
  9. When in Rome
  10. Lights Out! (Halloween episode)
  11. The Great Wall to a Great Fall
  12. Falling Apart at the Dreams
  13. Strike me Pink
  14. Rapture Capture
  15. Lost Vegas
  16. Mum's The Bird
  17. Hunger Games and Thunder Pains
  18. See 'Em and Reap
  19. Cave Slaves
  20. What's Mined is Yours
  21. Louvre is in the Air
  22. Rowdy Howdy
  23. When Shadows Collide
  24. Verge of Merge (first merge episode)
  25. Corruption Eruption
  26. A Big Apple a Day...
  27. Liar, Liar, Chance on Fire!
  28. Big Ben by Ten
  29. Kiss, We Make Up
  30. It's Not Rocket Science
  31. Mist Me, Mist Me!
  32. Medal in Meddling
  33. Ar-endzone-a
  34. Game, Set, Machu
  35. Lost and Pound
  36. Hoodoo You Think You Are?
  37. Tokyoh-no
  38. Extra-terror-estrial
  39. You Want a Pisa Me?
  40. Greece is the Word
  41. One Fish, Two Fish, Fake Fish, True Fish
  42. Put a Ring on it
  43. 10,000 D.C.
  44. The Beginning of the End (season finale)