Kirlia is a Psychic-type Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It evolves from Ralts at level 20 and into either Gardevoir at level 30 (for male and female Kirlia) or Gallade at level 30 (for male Kirlia only).


During her stay at Luxury Loser Land, Kirlia evolved from Ralts. during her time on Total Pokemon Island, she was one of the original campers to come to the island and was placed on Team Charmeleon, she was a quiet person, but still performed well. In episode 6, she did not perform well in the challenge and her team thought that she was too weak and she was eliminated in episode 6 placing her 37th. Kirlia was offered a place in Total Pokemon Action, which she accepted and is now competing in TPA. Kirlia has said she has learnt from her mistakes and knows how to make it further.


TPI: 37th



Kirlia evolved into Gardevoir before going to Total Pokemon Action.


Kirlia is the Leshawna of the group, and was alligned with Froslass, Charmeleon, and Ursaring in season 1. Kirlia also seems to be friends with Seaking; whether or not this means they will be in a relationship will be revealed next season. Kirlia became the first member of the jury in Episode 17 when Yanmega targeted her for hating her. Kirlia voted for Froslass to win, courtesy of their friendship, although Froslass finished 3rd with only two votes. In the TPI special, Kirlia appears to be greatly annoyed by Bagon and Finneon and tells Seaking that he's moving too fast, and if there's ever gonna be anything between them, it would take a while. Kirlia forms a group with her admirer, Seaking, and his best friend, Hitmonlee, and they all qualify for TPA.

In Episode 1 of TPA, Kirlia seems interested in Riolu, much to Seaking's despair. Being a ballerina, Kirlie finished 2nd in the Shake It up challenge out of the returning girls, only barely losing to the newly evolved Flaaffy. Kirlia was put on Team Safari Zone. In Episode 2, Seaking and Trapinch had a laser tag rivalry mainly so Seaking can imrpess Kirlia with his laser tag skills. Kirlia was one of the designated shooters for Team Safari Zone, and despite failing to shoot a think, her team won that challenge thanks to Pikachu. In Episode 3, in the messing with Mamoswine part of the iCarly challenge, Kirlia brought up the idea of tricking Mamoswine into think he won the lottery, which eventually got immunity for Team Safari Zone.

Based On Leshawna (Total Drama Island, Action, and World Tour)
Friends Everyone except enemies
Enemies Bagon, Finneon, Magby, Yanmega, Rapidash
Relationship Seaking (one sided on his side), Riolu (one sided on her side)

TPI: 12th