Kadabra is a Psychic pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Abra at level 16 and into Alakazam via trade.


Kadabra is the Candice of the group, so she is really calculating but can be hard to trust. She evolved from Abra in Episode 3 of TPA during the random dancing portion of the iCarly challenge, in which she ultimately lost against Magcargo. Despite that, since Shieldon hindered Team National Park in the challenge more than Kadabra, Kadabra was spared.

Based On Candice Woodcock (Survivor Cook Islands and Heroes vs. Villains)
Friends Marill, Chimecho, Drapion, Lanturn, Dragonite, Charmeleon, Froslass
Enemies Spoink, Yanmega, Rapidash, Finneon, possibly Slugma
Love Interest Scizor

TPI: 16th (tied with Magby)


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