This is the All Star Season of TheWildJolteon's Pokemon Big Brother Series

Name Youtube Name Pokemon Age Placement S1 Player? S2 Player? Team
Athena Miss Konigin Meloetta 21 ??? NO YES BEAUTY
Azus TheKongaBeat Shiny Croconaw 19 ??? YES YES-as Naomi the Shiny Audino BEAUTY
Cynthia PokemonAnonymous Roserade 24 ??? YES YES REBELS
Deviant ShinxBoy01 Blue Umbreon 21 ??? YES-as Ivana the Blue Espeon YES REBELS
Dusty StardustLive5 Shiny Umbreon 25 ??? YES-as Gale the Leafeon YES REBELS
Emily FallingUpStars Typhlosion 26 ??? YES YES-as Jenny the Raichu BEAUTY
Iva Kirlotta Yusani Sneasel 23 ??? YES NO REBELS
Joey Shadowduck7 Rattata 19 ??? YES YES REBELS
Mira ZoruatheWildPokemon Mew 24 ??? YES NO REBELS
Sandra ShinyHunter William Blue Snivy 21 ??? YES YES-as Pearl the Gem Kirlia REBELS
Trevor SuperNinBFDI Trevenant 19 ??? NO YES BEAUTY
Tristan N/A Sandshrew 21 ??? NO YES BEAUTY
Viola Thanou Sithisombath Vileplume 21 ??? NO YES BEAUTY
Willow Aqua Orcal Whiscash 23 ??? YES-as Dan the Electrode YES BEAUTY

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