Big Brother

Jacobwinner1999 Has done some spin offs, most notably Big Brother

This is season 2 of Jacobwinner1999's popular Big Brother camp. Enjoy!!!

Elimination TableEdit

 1  2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Head of Household Torkoal Totadile Beartic

Nominees (Pre-Veto)

Charmander Chinchou Venonat Mandibuzz Luxray Charmander
Veto Winner Mandibuzz Beartic
Nominees (Post-Veto) Charmander Chinchou Venonat Chikorita 
TBA Venonat - redturtle632 Chinchou NOM TBA
TBA Mandibuzz - joshytje5 Chinchou Chikorita TBA
TBA Cydnaquil - monok1998 Chinchou Chikorita TBA
TBA Zebstrika - gamecity12 Charmander Chikorita TBA
TBA Torkoal - chimchar279 HOH Chikorita TBA
TBA Beartic - BlackMagic622 Chinchou Chikorita HOH
TBA Tailow - matthewvp18 Chinchou Chikorita TBA
TBA Totadile - yymastaconfuctious Chinchou HOH TBA
TBA Lilligant - rmills922 Chinchou Chikorita TBA
TBA Charmander - liandy410 NOM Chikorita NOM
TBA Vulpix - dudeski7373 Joins Episode 3 TBA
TBA Luxray - multimariofan123 Joins Episode 3 NOM
14th Chikorita - PinkLightnan Chinchou NOM 
15th Chinchou - eddy lopez NOM
Color Meaning
Head of Household/Cannot vote unless a tie occurs
Won Power of Veto/had the ability to save a nominee
Was nominated but received less votes for eviction/safe
Was nominated and received more votes for eviction/eliminated