This Total Pokemon Island Is A Read Only One And It Contains Of These

Pokemon: Munchlax,Igglybuff,Bulbasaur,Azurill,Pichu,Torchic,Poochyena,Mudkip,Treecko,Skitty,Meowth,Chickorita,Pokabu,Phione,Delibird,Tabunne,Satan,Shiny Eevee,Eevee,Sentret,Cranidos,Tsutaja. And Later Add Ons:Shiny Beldum,Zorua,Piplup,Munna,Spheal,Pachirisu.

If You Seek A Quick Elimination Table Look Here Or If You Seek A Detailed Synopsis of Each Episode Plz Go To The Bottom.

30th Meowth-Tried To Sabotage Other Team And Failed

29th Mudkip-Wouldnt Stop Stalking Munchlax And Falied Challenge

28th Janobi- The Team Liked Her But Torchic Burnt Her And Got Her Out For Therapy

27th Combusken-Failed To Jump And Set Janobi On Fire Making Her Out by Default

Shiny Beldum And Zorua Join The Game

26th Igglybuff-She Found Out That Zorua And Shiny Beldum Were Not Just A Couple But Evil People So They Voted Her Out For Being A Threat To There Allaince

25th Delibird-Failed To Help Team In The Challenge And Was Voted Off

Piplup And Munna Join The Game

24th Shiny Metang-Munna Loved The Show and Knew About Shiny Metang And Zorua And She Showed The Team With Telepathy

23rd Tabunne-With No Help From Anyone Except Munchlax Her Boyfriend She Was Voted Off For Placing Last In The Race

Spheal And Pachirisu Join The Game

22nd Ivysaur-Marill,Chicorita And Phione All Liked Him So When His Team Lost They Voted Him Out For being A Distraction To The Girls

21st Poochyena-She Had A Bad Temper And Threw The Challenge For The Team And They Got Rid Of Her

20th Spheal-He Was Always Anooying People Like Pachirisu But They Decided To Get Rid Of Him Instead

19th Delcatty-Zorua Played Her By Convincing Her That Kissing Pikachu Will Make Him Throw Challenges For Her But The Rest Of the Team Sure and Voted Her Out

Persian And Jigglypuff Return

18th Grovyle-Zorua Struck Again By Geeting revenge On Him For Pouring Water On Her In Breakfast

17th Musharna-Bayleff Thought Musharna Was Responsible For Her Boyfriends (Grovyles) Elimination

16th Pikachu-He Was Voted Out For Kissing Zorua When She Flirted With Him And He Was Dumped By Marill

15th Pachirisu-She Was Crazy Annoying They Had Enough They Sent Her Home Packing

14th Pokabu (Quit)-He Felt Bad For Working Alongside Zorua And Quit

13th Jigglypuff-She Was Singing People To Sleep And Drew On Zorua`s Face So Zorua Got Back At Her


12th Leafeon-He was Annoying Glaceon Because He Wanted Her To Go Out With Him And Glaceon Got Zorua To Sabotage Him

11th Zoroark-Glaceon Stole Video Proof of Zoroark Being Evil And Got her Out The Show

10th Snorlax-He Completely Failed In Challenges And Landed On Cranidos And Bayleef

9th Shiny Glaceon-Everyone Thought She Was Acting A Bit Evil And She Thought About It And Voted Herself Off aswell

8th Persian (Disqualified)-In The Chhallenge You Had To Defeat Three Pokemon Persian Paid Them To Not Fight Him So He Won Invin It Was Going To Be Satan Who Was Off But Persian Was Disqualified

7th Phione-She Was A Nice Girl So Cranidos Blindsided Her

6th Piplup-He Was Nice To Everyone Dated Phione But he Annoyed Marill In The Tri Armed Triathalon Challenge

5th Bayleef-THe Jury Voted And Bayleff Got Snorlax And Musharna Out So She Racked Up A Few Votes

4th Rampardos- He Evolved From Cranidos This Episode So The Girls Didnt See The Beauty In Him Anymore And Saw the Evil Instead So They Voted Him out

3rd Marill- Everyone Liked eachother In The Final Three But Satan Win Invincibility And Satan Voted Furret But Marill Voted Herself Because She Wanted To Talk To Pikachu

2nd Furret-After The Previous Elimination Furret and Satan Became Enemys Until Near The End Where She revealed her true Feelings For Him And Said It Didnt Matter Who Won Because They Were A Couple But She Let Satan Win Anyway

1st Satan-After The Previous Elimination Furret and Satan Became Enemys Until Near The End Where Furret revealed her true Feelings For Satan And Said It Didnt Matter Who Won Because They Were A Couple But Furret Let Satan Win Anyway


Episode 1

The Series Starts With Desukan Welcoming The Cast To The Camp Site They Meet Chef Golem And Are Split Into Teams team One Is Team Heart That Consists Of:Meowth,Tsutaja,Torchic,Tabunne,Poochyena,Skitty,Pichu,Pokabu,Eevee,Munchlax,Azurill,Shiny Eevee And Team Soul Which was Satan,Sentret,Cranidos,Chicorita,Piplup,Phione,Igglybuff,Treecko,Bulbasaur,Delibrid,Mudkip.

After That They were Given There First Challenge Which Was To Build Ever A Ho-oh or Lugia So The Challenge Started And Team Soul were In The Lead So Meowth Left To Sabotage And Sat on Top Of its Lugia Head Jumped Up And tried To Use dig But Bulbasaur Used razor Leaf And Meowth Went Flying Phione,Azurill And Chickorita Saw This And Fell In Love with Him Meowth Fell Into The Ho-oh Statue And it Collapsed And Team Sould Won. In Confessionals Phione Was Describing Her Feelings for Ivysaur In Another Confessional Torchic Was Really Annoyed They Lost and Voted For Meowth. At The Elimination The Oran Berries Went To Skitty,Tsutaja,Tabunne,Munchlax,Poochyena,Pichu,pokabu,Eevee,Shiny Eevee,Azurill Bottom 2 Were Torchic And Meowth The Last One Safe was Torchic So Meowth Was Out.

Episode 2

The Campers Gather At The Meeting Point And Desukan Gives Them The Challenge They have To Find The Special Grovyle And Get A Time gear From Him and he chooses 1 person On The Team To Evolve. So The Challenge Starts And Team Soul Wonder Where Mudkip Is And With Team Heart Mudkip Is Stalking Munchlax And Tabunne Attacks Mudkip And Mudkip Is Wounded On The Floor Team Soul Find Grovyle And He Gives Them A Time gear And He Evolves Treecko Into Grovyle They Leave Team Heart Get one And he evolves Tsutaja Into Janobi Team Soul Get There First But They dont Win Since Mudkip isnt There At The Elimination Everyone Is Safe Except Mudkip And She Is Eliminated.

Episode 3

The Campers Gather At The Meeting Point And Desukan Tells Them There Challenge To Jump Off A Cliff So The Teams Get Ready In Confessional:

Skitty: Its So Cool To Be Here Even Though I`m Not The Smartest Of People I Might Have A Cance At Winnng You Never Know.

Out Of Confessional:

Desukan: So Team Heart Go First Any Jumpers

Tabunne: I`ll Go

Poocheyna,Skitty,Pichu,Eevee,Munchlax,Azzurill,Shiny Eevee Jump

Team Soul:

Sentret,Chicorita,Piplup,Phione,Igglybuff,Grovyle,Bulbasaur,Delibird And Satan Jump.

Desukan: Anyone Else From Team Heart?

Janobi: Torchic If You Go I Will To

Torchic: Shut Up Snake Fire Blast!!!!!!! Cool I Evolved

Desukan: Ok Since Janobi Has Extreme Burns we Will have To Take Her Out The Competion

Skitty:Bye janobi I`ll Miss You

Desukan: Team heart Vote

Vote Confessionals:

Combusken:Pokabu he Didnt jump



Skitty:Isnt it Obvious

Pokabu:Obviously Combusken




Shiny Eevee:Combusken



Desukan: and The Last Person Safe With 4/10 Votes Is............. Pokabu

Combusken: What You Know What WHo Cares I Hope You All Die Losers.

Medicham`s Crazy Aftermath Show Episode 1

Medicham:Hello I`m Medicham Your Beautiful Host Here Is My Husband Alakazam The Co-Host And Showing Vote Results Is Aggron Showing Reasons Is Minun And Plusle So Thats Are Cast Now Were Going To Welcome Are First Guest Who Is A Cat Like Pokemon Isnt Very Good At Sabotaging

Meowth: Oh Hello Everyone Awesome To be Here Well Its Not But You Know

Medicham:Anyway Meowth What Did You Think About Your Time On The Show ?

Meowth: It was Good I Just Wish I Had Stayed Longer

Alakazam: Ok Lets Go Onto Your Elimination Results

Aggron; So Obviously The Bottom 2 Were You And Torchic These People Voted You Tsutaja,Torchic,Tabunne,Poochyena,Skitty,Pichu,Pokabu,Eevee And People Who Voted Torchic Were Munchlax,Azurill,Shiny Eevee And Of Course You Now Onto Minun And Plusle.

Minun: Thanks Aggron So Meowth Reason One You Instantly Took Leader Ship Without having a Vote

Plusle: reason 2 People Thought Because Of That You Were Snobby And Reason 3 You Sucked At Sabotaging So You Got Eliminated

Medicham: Are Next Guest Is A Mud Fish Pokemon Stalks Munchlax And Is Weird Lets All Welcome Mudkip!!!!!

Marshtomp: Oh And I Moved On From Munchlax Now I Like Grovyle I Even Evolved So We Could Be The Same

Alakazam: Lest Just go To Elimination Results

Aggron: EVERYONE Voted For You Except You Because You Voted For Delibird Why

Marshtomp: He Just Wasnt Doing That Much

Aggron: Oh Now Over To Minun And Plusle

Plusle: Thanks Aggron So Marshtomp Reason 1 You Failed Challenge And Stalked Munchlax

Minun: Reason 2 You Fought Tabunne And Lost Reason 3 The Thought You were Weird So You Got Eliminaited.

Medicham: Are Next Guest Was Well Liked From The Team And Got Took Out The Competion Due To Servere Burns Janobi!!!!

Janobi: Oh Hi

Alakazam: Obivously we Cant Do Any Segements Since You Werent actually Voted Out.

Medicham: Final Guest Is Tne Young Fowl Pokemon Lets Not Welcome Combusken!!!

Combusken: Whatever

Medicham: Can You Plz Explain Why You Burnt Janobi

Janobi: Yeah I Used To have A Crush On You

Combusken: Really Me To

Janobi: Then Why Did You Burn Me

Combusken: Because Before Mudkip/Marshtomp Left She Attaxked Me And I was Angry

Janobi: Well That Ok Come Here Hot Stuff *Make Out*

Medicham: Get Them Off Screen well We`ll End it Like This Goodbye And We`ll See You Soon

Episode 5

The Campers Gather And Desukan Announces The Challenge And A Surprise

Desukan:Hello Campers Before I Announce The Challenge We Have Some New People Joining The Show They Are Zorua And Shiny Beldum

Zorua; Why Hello

Shiny Beldum: Hello Everyone Were A Couple

Deukan: Whatever Your Both On Team Soul Now Todays Challenge Is A Singing Challenge Both Teams Need 2 Acts So Go

At The Talent Hall

Desukan: First Team Heart Lets Welcome Out Skitty

Skitty: (Listen To Song In The Link)

Desukan: Good Next Shiny Eevee

Shiny Eevee:

Desukan: Awesome Song Loved It

Eevee: Wow She`s Hot

Golem: Next Is Team Soul Heres Igglybuff

Igglybuff: I dedicate This Song To You Golem Tee-Hee

Golem: 0 Points Next Is Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur: This Song Goes To Chicorita Cool I Evolved

Chicorita: Wow Thanks That Was Amazing Wow I Evolved

Golem: Too Much Love But Good


Desukan: The Winning Team Is.......................... Heart Finally So Soul Elimination


Shiny Beldum And Zorua: We Are Going To Rule This Game

Igglybuff: I Think I Left My Make Up Bag In Here Om My God Your Evil

Zorua: crap We Have To Get Here Out Tonight !!!


So Bottom 3 The Next One Goes To Zorua Bottom 2 Obviosuly Beldum Because There Knew They Got Invincibility

Igglybuff: But There Ev...

Desukan: Yeah Bye Igglybuff

Igglybuff: Moronsk

Episode 6

The Campers Gather And Desukan Tells Them The Challenge

Desukan: Campers Todays Challenge Is a Chariot Race Challenge So Go Get Ready You Need To Racers And 2 People To Carry The Chariot So Get Ready

Team Heart

Shiny Eevee: So Everyone Who Wants To Do it

Eevee:Your Beautiful

Shiny Eevee: Erm Ok SO Anyone

Pichu:I`ll Be A Racer

Azzurill: I Will

Pokabu:I`ll Pull

Poochyena: Me To

Shiny Eevee: Awesome Lets Go

Team Soul

Cranidos: So Who Wants To Go Will Bayleef And Ivysaur Ever Stop making Out

Grovyle: me And Zorua Will Ride

Shiny Beldum: And Me And Delibird Will Pull

Delibird: No We Wont You Dumb Ass I Dont DO things SO I Stay In

Phione; Is That So

Delibird: Crap

At Challenge

Desukan: Go

Pichu: So Azzuril I Sort Of Like You

Azzurill: Sorry I Like Ivysaur

Confessional Pichu: Damn You Ivysaur

Zorua:Mush You two

Grovyle: yeah Go Quicker

Satan: Delibird And Grovyle Are Being Weird Today

Sentret: Totally If we Lose I`m Voting One Of Them Off

Piplup: Me Two

Phione: Me Three

After Challenge

Desukan: SO Team Heart Win Again So team SOul Elimination Now

Confessional Shiny Beldum: Being Here and Playing These Losers Is So Easy Weh-Heh-Heh Wow I Evolved Awesome


Desukan: People Safe Are Satan,Sentret,Cranidos,Piplup,Phione So Next 2 Go To Bayleef And Ivysaur Next 2 Safe Are Grovyle And Shiny Metang Final Oran Berry Goes To.............Zorua Sorry Delibird Your Out

Delibird: Whatever I`m Awesome Your Losing Out.....

Episode 7

The Campers Gather And Desukan Tells Them A Surprise And The Challenge

Desukan: We Have 2 new People Joining They Are Munna And Piplup

Munna: Omg I Am Just So LOL it So Cool To be Here I Always Watch The SHow

Piplup: hI Phione, Hi Everyone Else i Really Like Phione

Desukan: Who Cares Munna`s On Team Soul And Piplup To Heart Any Way Challenge Is A Eating Challenge Nominate Three People From Your Team To Compete

Team Heart

Tabunne: I`ll Compete And Pokabu And Munchlax Too

Team Soul

Satan: Me Ivysaur And Bayleef


Desukan: ROund One Spaghetti

Tabunne: Finished

Desukan: ROund 1 To Heart Round 2 Pizza

Pokabu: Finished

Desukan: Team Soul Lose So They Go To Elimination

Confessional Eevee: Shiny Eevee Will Be Mine Wow I Evolved Cool I`m Leafeon Now


The Person Going Is........ SHINY METANG!!!!!!!!!

Shiny Metang: What Why????

Munna: I use To Watch The Show I Used Telepathy To SHow Everyone What You Were Like

Shiny Metang: Whatever

Episode 8

Desukan: Good Morning Campers Today Are Challenge Is A Race First Team To Have Someone Finish Win So..... Go!!!!

Confessional Munchlax: I`m Really Tired At Least I`ve Got Tabunne (Kiss) (Evolve)

Confessional Snorlax: Cool I`m A Snorlax Now

Leafeon: So Eevee How Do You Like Me Now I`m Evolved

Shiny Eevee: No More Then Before Wait Cool I`m A Shiny Glaceon Now

poochyena: Get Over It Loser She Doesnt Like You

Skitty: Whats This

Delcatty: OMG I eolved To Delcatty

After Challenge

Desukan: Tabunne Was Last SO Team heart Vote Someone Out


Desukan: And The Cookies Go To: Pichu,Pokabu,Azzurill,Shiny Glaceon,Piplup,Delcatty,Leafeon,Poochyena And Finally Snorlax Sorry Tabunne Your Out

Tabunne: I Sort of Expected This Bye Everyone

Medicham`s Crazy Aftermath Show Episode 2

Medicham: hello And Welcome To Medicham`s Crazy Aftermath Show Episode 2 Lets Please Welcome Are First Guest Igglybuff

Igglybuff: Hi Everyone

Aggron: Vote results Shiny Metang,Changed Votes And Got You Out Over To Minun And Plusle

Minun: Reason 1 You Knew About Shiny Metang And Zorua

Plusle: Reason 2 You Werent That Good At Singing, Reason 3 Shiny Metang Switched The Votes

Alakazam: Are Next Guest Is Delibird

Delibird: Whatever

Aggron: Everyone Voted You Except Grovyle And Sentret Who Along With You Voted Zorua Over To Minun And Plusle

Plusle: Reason 1 You Werent Doing Any Challenges

Minun: Reason 2 You Called Shiny Metang A Dumb Ass, Reason 3 You Didnt Do Good In The Challenge

Medicham: Are Next Guest Is Shiny metang

Shiny Metang: I`ll Kill You All

Aggron: You Had All Voted Except Yours And Zoruas Which Went To Poochyena

Minun: Reason 1 You Were Evil

Plusle: Munna Knew Reason 3 Munna Used Telepathy And Had You Blindsided

Alakzam: Are Next Guest Is Tabunne

Tabunne: Why Hello Everyone

Aggron: You Had All Votes Against You And Snorlax Except Yours And Snorlax`s Which Went To Poochyena

Plusle: Reason 1 You Hurt Marshtomp

Minun: Reason 2 You Did Bad In The Challenge You Were A Relationship Threat

Medicham: Thats All From Us GoodBye And See You next Time

Episode 10

Desukan: Hello Campers First Today We Have 2 More Add Ons Heres The Couple Spheal And Pachirisu

Spheal: Hi Guys Just Hi :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


Grovyle: These Two Are Annoying

Desulan: Your Problem Not Mine Next Challenge Is Double Battles

Team Heart

Pichu: I`ll Go

Azzurill: Me Two

Team Soul

Satan: I`ll Go

Zorua; me Two


Go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pichu: Thundershock Cool i Evolved

Zorua: Illusion

Azzurill: I Evolved Water Gun

Desukan: So Team Soul Lose SO They Vote


Desukan: And The Person Out is Ivysaur

Ivysaur: What WHy

Grovyle : You Were Distracting Girls With Your Charm

Bayleef: erm You a Loser Now from Now On Grovyle Is My new Boyfriend

Phione: And Is Piplup

Marill: Mines Pichu

Pikachu: Cool I Evolved

Ivysaur: Whatever

Episode 11 Edit

The Rest Of Season Up Soon !!

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