Team Heartgold:

  • hyperflame/magby
  • cookinator/oshawott
  • whatsit88/murkrow
  • giratina200104/joltik
  • gardevoirisawesome/misdreavus
  • uglyduck713/meowth
  • cakey123/mareep
  • warriorscatslover1/eevee
  • surgethehedgehog/shiny shinx
  • jjmanrulez/shiny buizel
  • shadowfan54/emonga
  • knucklestheechinda/larvitar

Team SoulSilver:

  • dinohuy/bulbasaur
  • koalsrock/poliwag
  • ravenguy/shiny makuhita
  • vectorcroc198/machop
  • checkerman/beedril
  • the-critic/bagon
  • sonikzone/cyndaquil
  • beaverboy/snivy
  • amy906/shiny pachirisu
  • tornfusion/zorua
  • sweetskitty/skitty
  • mrpbanj/shiny riolu

  • host: Dusknoir
  • chef: Electivire


  1. beedril (made a rat head instead of a robot)
  2. makuhita (misdreavus made him fall asleep)
  3. buizel (the m alliance voted for him)
  4. mismagius (made shinx get lost)

This TPI has been cancelled by the creator to start a new TPI.

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