Team Stardust

Hyperflame:Riolu whatsit88:Misdreavus gardevoirisawesome: Gligar JJmanrulez:Elgyem Koalasrock:Poliwag Uglyduck713:Umbreon Cookinator:Pichu Dablabs:Gallade Giratina200104:Joltik Willowclaw101:Lucario (shiny) Ndinitz:Luxray Vectorcroc198:Audino

Team Rockfall GrondtheHedgehog:Oshawott Pokemonchampks:Chikorita CDIfan237:Snivy TornFusion:Snivy (shiny) Dinohuy:Heracross Ctapie41:Flareon Rocketchurocks:Raichu: (shiny) Iceeman:Reunicles Bcrc:Drilbur Ravenguy:Shiny Eevee Ramycool:Gardevoir Cakey123:Torchic


1. Chikorita (more votes)

This TPI has been cancelled by the creator to start a new TPI.

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