Houndour is a Dark/Fire Pokemon introduced in Generation II. It evolves into Houndoom at level 24.


Houndour was the rebel of the cast and evolved into Houndoom.


Houndour was the Justin of the cast, but rarely exhibited Justin's traits, and instead acted more like Duncan. He evolved into Houndoom later in season 1.


Houndour was the Eva of the group so she wasn't too friendly to too many people. Houndour's attitude made her a target right off the bat but she was saved because Finneon and Bagon were evil. Houndour evolved into Houndoom in Episode 8 (Mister Twister).


Houndour named Damien entered into TPI in Dinoguy11's story. He made it past the first and only challenge so far. He is a nice character and doesn't seem to have any enemies.

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