Happiny is a Normal type introduced in Generation IV. It evolves into Chansey when it levels up with an Oval Stone.=====


Happiny was a typical girly girl in the cast and was one of the original 26 contestants. Happiny evolved into Chansey when finding an Oval Stone from Boney Island.


Happiny was one of the original 30 contestants in Mis's series. Happiny was a normal-ish nice girl on Team Registeel who had a thing for Chingling (later Chimecho). Happiny evolved into Chansey with Chimecho and Vespiquen when they encountered Shaymin in Episode 5.


Happiny debuted in TPA along with 15 other new contestants. Being the Sugar of the group, she's one of the nicest players the game has ever seen. In Episode 1 of TPA, Happiny easily annoyed Magby but became friends with Marill. Happiny finished 7th in the Shake It Up challenge out of the new girls. Happiny was put on Team Safari Zone. In Episode 2, Happiny got shot by Lanturn in the laser tag portion of the Suite Life challenge, but regardless, her team won invincibility. In Episode 3, Happiny didn't play a major role in the iCarly challenge, but her team still won immunity.

Based On Jessica "Sugar" Kiper (Gabon and Heroes vs. Villains)
Friends Marill, Flaaffy, Riolu
Enemies Magby


Happiny was one of the orginial 34 camper that came to the island. She is a nice, kind hearted girl and only dislikes Elekid. She proved that she was a great player by winning the first challenge for her team, and is in Turtwig's alliance. Happiny evolved into a Chansey in episode 4 after being kissed by Turtwig. she is still currently in the competition

Friends everyone expect enemies
Enemies Elekid and Gligar
Rank TPI- 1st place


Happiny was one of the orginial 30 campers. she was put on Team Mespirit and in the first two episode she showed that she means buisness, helping her team win the first two challenges. she has made no enemies so far but she has become friends with Ralts. she is still in the competition

Friends Ralts
Enemies no one


Happiny was one of the original 36 campers to come to the island. She was somewhat of an idiot because when picking the teams on Episode 1, she picked all the weak campers such as Skorupi or Caterpie. She never really participated in any challenges because she didn't like to get dirty. In Episode 1, she voluntary quit the challenge and forced Snubbull, one of the teams strongest members, to quit as well. On the same episode, she was eliminated due to being useless on the team even though Slakoth (sleeps all the time) was in the bottom 2. 36th place.

Allies No significant ally
Enemies Snubbull, Rattata, Finneon
Love Interest Possibly Snubbull
Place 36th

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