Grumpig--screenshot large

Grumpig as Miss Fitwell.

Grumpig is a Psychic Pokemon introduced in Generation III. It evolves into Spoink at level 32.


Grumpig joined the cast in the beginning of Total Pokemon Action. She was played by the Dexteras gym teacher, Miss Fitwell. Grumpig was a tough pokemon but had a soft spot for Lanturn, which is why he got eliminated in the 10 elim twist-to save Lanturn. In Total Pokemon The Musical/World Tour, Grumpig co hosted the Youtube Questions segment of the Aftermath w/ Lanturn. In Total Pokemon Live, Grumpig was on Team Tauros, but got eliminated in Episode 6 when Garchomp pissed him off which caused Grumpig to inadvertidely cost his team the challenge.


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