Gligar is a Ground/Flying-type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation 2. It evolves into Gliscor when leveled up while holding a Razor Fang at night.


In TPA Poké Actors, Gligar joined in episode 12 alongside Emolga. He is labeled The Samurai because, most of the time, Gligar carries a katana in his pincers. In episode 13, Gligar joined Feraligatr's alliance. In episode 18, he evolved with the Razor Fang that Nuzleaf found for him.


Gligar is a friendly Flying Scorpion Pokemon. He was the winner of TPI, beating out Umbreon in the process. He had a lot of friends on the show. Gligar was a target of destruction by Scizor, but eventually Scizor failed in his attempts. As a result, everyone voted off Scizor, including himself.


Gligar joined in episode 6 alongside Slugma, Clamperl and Qwilfish. He joined Team Charmeleon with Clamperl and, in the same episode, joined Zangoose's alliance. He gained the rep bad boy after Sandslash announced that he had just been released from prison. He is still currently in the competition. He evolved in episode 16 out of anger after Rapidash blackmailed him.


Gligar appeared in the first episode alongside the other 31 contestants. He joined the Midnight Lunatone and became part of Duskull's alliance. He is still currently in the competition.

Teddy GarmonEdit

In Total Pokémon Survivor Island, Gligar was the one of the first contestants to arrive alongside Growlithe. He joined Team Xerneas and is part of Venusaur's alliance. In episode 6, he evolved after eating a Rare Candy that appeared as a reward for conquering his fear during the fear challenge.


Gligar appeared as one of the original contestants of Stranded on Poké Island. He has a crush on Taillow. In episode 6, he evolved during the cooking challenge after eating one of the chicken nuggets, which have been sprinkled with Eevee's magic salt.