Glameow is a Normal pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves into Purugly at level 38.


Glameow was one of the original 30 contestants and was the Heather of the group, so she played a devious game. Glameow made an alliance with Poliwag and Azurill early on, and later evolved into Purugly during Episode 6's battle challenge.


Glameow debuted in TPA along with 15 other new contestants. Glameow quickly made friends with Kirlia upon arriving to the set and her, like other girls, fell for Riolu. In the Shake It Up challenge, Glameow finished 6th out of the new girls and was put on Team Iron Island. In Episode 2, Glameow seemed to do well in the Suite Life challenge, but her team ended up losing, but glameow did nto receive any votes. In Episode 3, Glameow didn't have a huge role since Trapinch won the iCarly challenge right away for Team Iron Island.

Based On Cirie Fields (Survivor Panama, Micronesia, and Heroes vs. Villains)
Friends Kirlia, Riolu
Enemies Possibly Yanmega and Rapidash
Relationship Riolu (one sided on her side)


Glameow debuted In Total Pokemon Island and was put on the Tsunami Blues team and later on Poison Shino's.In episode 2,she made an alliance with Roserade and Dusknoir,she was one of the villains of the season,and even tried to sabotage the Cougar's by hiding Poochyena in a closet,which failed and she got caught for it and was ousted in episode 4.

In the reunion show,she announced her feelings to Infernape and became his girlfriend.

In season 2:Total Pokemon History,she was on team Aero-Turbs and helped get rid of Altaria,the main villain of the season but then she evolved into a Purugly.

In season 3:Total Pokemon Heroes Vs Villains, she was on the villains team, but she was eliminated because of the rivalry with Typhlosion.

In season 4:Total Pokemon The Musical,she was an add-on and was eliminated in the viewers vote episode

In season 5:Total Pokemon Humanized, she wasn't in any alliances and was eliminated at the final 8.

In season 6:Total Pokemon Collab,she didnt get very far.

In season 8:Total Pokemon Revenge,she had a divorce with her husband:Infernape, after it was revealed that her and her husband had feelings for their former loves.She was depressed and because of Diabcho, she transformed into her old villanous self until episode 7,when Diabcho broke the curse on her.She was eliminated in episode 10, due to fears of her fighting with Typhlosion.She then hooked up with her old lover:Luxray.

While she is not in season 9:Total Pokemon Cosmos Vs Chaos.She IS scheduled to be in the final season:Total Pokemon Performence and the 4th season of Jirachi's series:Total Pokemon All-Stars


Glameow is most like Courtney in there. She appeared in TPA and is in love with Scizor. She evolved into Purugly later in season 2. Her worst enemy will be Umbreon in TPTM.


Glameow is one of the original contestants for SusanLucarioFan16's Total Pokemon Island, and she has currently survived the bottom three once.