Glalie is an Ice-type Pokemon introduced in Generation III. It evolves from Snorunt, starting at level 42.



He evolved from Snorunt in Episode 6 because of some auto-evolution salt in the food that Eevee/Glaceon prepared during the cooking challenge. His rivals on the show were Scizor and Blastoise. He voted out Scyther/Scizor in episode 4 when he got tired of being picked on. He later on did it again in episode 18 when he came back on the same day. He was eliminated himself in Episode 20 when Blastoise gave the other 2 teams the upper hand. In Season 2, Stranded on Poke World Tour, he lasted for only 9 episodes, courtesy of Scizor and his girlfriend, Dustox as part of his payback for getting him ousted twice in Season 1. He is currently in Season 3, Stranded on Poke High School. As of episode 9, he is officially dating his childhood friend and new contestant, Dewgong. As of Episode 10, he's the current captain of his team, Team Ampharos after Ampharos was voted off in Episode 9. He also became friends with his former rival, Blastoise. He got eliminated in Episode 28 during the jury vote because the majority of the eliminated contestants saw him as a major threat.