Gastly is a Ghost/Poison-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It evolves into Haunter, starting at level 25, which evolves into Gengar when traded.


Gastly was one of the original campers that came to the island. Gastly formed a strong bond with Zangoose, Sneasel and Ekans in Episode 1. Once Gligar came into the game, straight away they offered him a place in their alliance, which he accepted. After blindsiding Sneasel, Gligar took over the leader role in the alliance and Gastly started to not speak up. Once the merge hit, Gastly stayed strong to his alliance of Zangoose and Gliscor, but when the 5 person elimination twist came, Gliscor decided it was time for Gastly to go and they blindsided him, placing him 20th. Gastly has not yet evolved into Haunter or Gengar yet. Gastly was not offered a place in Total Pokémon Action, but is watching from Total Pokémon Action Aftermath Show.

Friends: Zangoose, Sneasel, Ekans, Gliscor.

Enemies: Rapidash, Ambipom, Corsola.


TPI: 20th



Gastly is based off Noah so he is smart and doesn't really care about anything. He arrived at the island on episode 1 and was placed on the sneaky Sableye's. He was the last person to jump off the cliff. At the bonfire ceremony he got the second last Charizard doll.In episode 2 he, along with Oddish joined Arons alliance. His team lost the challenge but once again he was safe.

Based On Noah (Total Drama Island,ActionWorld Tour)
Friends Possibly Yanma and Oddish
Enemies No one yet
Rank TBA