Elimination for TPI

  1. Slowpoke (cause he was an idiot and was useless)
  2. Weavile (really mean)
  3. Hitmonlee (kicked the dodgeball)
  4. Charmander (Smoochum tricked everyone to vote for Charmander)
  5. Plusle (got lost with Minun)
  6. Hitmonchan (completely failed to face fear)
  7. Charmeleon returns
  8. Skitty (got chased by the cops and ran away)
  9. Porygon (got mauled by an Ursaring)
  10. Weepinbell (brought ghosts to the island)
  11. Minun (failed to do apple stunt)
  12. Gloom (was horrible at baseball)
  13. Heracross (got distracted by Smoochum)
  14. Teams Merge
  15. Mismagius (was the first one out)
  16. Weavile and Skitty return
  17. Weavile (got defeated by Eevee in challenge)
  18. Meowth (cause he was working for Team Rocket)
  19. Cloyster (was a big threat)
  20. Magmar and Jigglypuff (tied in last place in the bike race)
  21. Sandslash (guarded cereal)
  22. Ivysaur and Skitty (Ivysaur failed to get a Magikarp, Skitty has been annoying)
  23. Honchkrow (last place)
  24. Charmeleon (Magmar voted for Charmeleon)
  25. Scizor (was evil, tried to destroy Gligar, Jynx and Umbreon)
  26. Jynx (failed to do Weepinbell's dare)
  27. Runner-Up. Umbreon
  28. WINNER. Gligar

Elimination in TPA

  1. Heracross and Cloyster (kept making out)
  2. Elekid (shocked his team members by accident)
  3. Omanyte joins
  4. Carnivine (mistaked pearl for dirty pokeball)
  5. Jynx (was mean to everyone in season 1, so they voted for Jynx)
  6. Manaphy joins
  7. Skuntank (bad smell)
  8. Pikachu and Chimchar joins
  9. Wigglytuff (too chicken)
  10. Blaziken (failed challenge)
  11. Gyrados
  12. Ariados
  13. Ledian
  14. Relicanth
  15. Bronzong
  16. Omastar
  17. Delcatty
  18. Luxray
  19. Monferno
  20. Sandslash
  21. Meowth
  22. Groudon/Shuckle
  23. Mismagius
  24. Gliscor
  25. Honchkrow
  26. Manaphy
  27. Venusaur
  28. Umbreon
  29. Electrode
  30. Shelgon
  31. Meowth
  32. Charizard
  33. Porygon-Z
  34. Pikachu
  35. Vileplume
  36. Purugly
  37. Magmortar
  38. Runner-up: Victreebel
  39. Winner: Scizor

Elimination for TPTM

  1. Scizor (refused to sing)
  2. Slowpoke/Slowking (was an idiot)
  3. (TPTM is still going on)

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