GamerBlitzful's TPI has Kingdra as host & Vileplume as chef.There are 27 contestants & an aftermath cast of 5.



Aftermath Cast:







Ledian *Out*

Feraligatr *Out*

Barboach *Out*

Parasect *Out*

Donphan *Out*

Sealeo *Out*

Raichu *Out*

Swellow *Out*

Luxio *Out*

Lucario *Out*

Natu *Out*

Monferno *Out*

Pidgeotto *Out*

Leafeon *Out*

Furret *Out*

Tauros *Out*

Duskinor *Out*

Wobbufett *Out*

Delcatty *Out*

Plusle *Out*

Minun *Winner*

Bayleef *Out*

Tangrowth *Runner-Up*

Ludicolo *Out*

Rampardos *Out*

Charizard *Out*

Cloyster *Out*

Elimination Order:

30:Wynaut - Wynaut did the challenge but it was his constant talking and annoyingness that got him booted out.

29:Plusle - In the hide and seek challenge Minun and Plusle accidentally showed Vileplume to Riolu's hiding spot and he got his alliance to vote out one of the twins, which in this case was Plusle

28:Natu - As always in TPI the smartest leaves in the quiz challenge.

27:Barboach - Barboach was picked for swimming in the Triatalon and he couldnt tell his team mates that whenever he was in water he did flips.

26:Ledyba - She was voted out after using their rowing craft as firewood because she was scared of the dark.

25:Duskull - In the challenge where they had to get certain pokemon Duskull came back with Weedle instead of Caterpie and blamed it on Chikorita, his team then found out he lied.

24:Lucario - Himself and Cranidos got into lots of fights, and one of them cost his team the challenge when their fort was destroyed. He then evolved when Skitty kissed him goodbye.

23:Paras - Paras was no quite of a player and popped the raft that herself and Shinx was standing on.

22:Pidgey - I forgot XP -GB

21:Spheal - He gave Kingdra some poop to eat.

20:Pichu - Kept denaying Shinx's alliance offer so he voted him out.

19:Shinx - It was between him and Tauros both of them had been fighting.

Ledian,Pidgeotto,& Luxio Return/Shellder & Charmander Join

18:Lotad - He kept on screaming and whatnot, and was very slow.

17:Delcatty - Poisoned.

16:Chikorita - Quit.

15:Shellder - Targetted by Luxio

14:Rampardos - 

13:Tauros - Hated and didnt get a key for safety










3:Swellow - Wheel challenge



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