1. Blitzle
  2. Shinx
  3. Oddish
  4. Ponyta
  5. Vulpix
  6. Castform
  7. Unown
  8. Cleffa
  9. Igglybuff
  10. Pichu
  11. Pidove
  12. Swablu
  13. Audino
  14. Tyrogue
  15. Magby
  16. Elekid
  17. Dratini
  18. Zigzagoon
  19. Zorua
  20. Beduw
  21. Snivy
  22. Oshawott
  23. Tepig
  24. Riolu
  25. Scyther
  26. Eevee
  27. Shiny Eevee (S.Eevee)
  28. Black Eevee (B.Eevee)

Episode 1: D-D-D-Dance It UpEdit

Arceus(Host) introduces the contestants then reveals that this challenge will determine team leaders and will get to choose their team name and members, Its simply a dance off, Only a few (Eevee's, Snivy, Dratini, Elekid, Ponyta + Shinx) get excited while the others are complaining, The last 2 standing will be the captains.


Arceus: S.Eevee and Ponyta are the team captains

  • After Teams are picked*

Oddish, Igglybuff, Pichu, Beduw, 

Team Sunyshore

S.Eevee, B.Eevee, Eevee, Castform, Unown, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Tyrogue, Elekid, Riolu, Scyther, Oshawott, Dratini and Beduw

The Elite Rockets

Ponyta, Magby, Tepig, Audino, Pidove, Swablu, Oddish, Blitzle, Zigzagoon, Snivy, Zorua, Vulpix, Shinx and Pichu

Cruely, Arceus says every team is going to the elimination each voting off 2 people

Elim 1: The Elite Rockets Edit

Ponyta, Magby, Tepig, Audino, Pidove, Swablu, Oddish, Blitzle, Zigzagoon, Snivy, Zorua, Vulpix, Shinx + Pichu I have 12 Gilded Arceus's so 2 will be going down the walk of shame, The first 6 go to (FYI: They only got 1 vote each)

1. Ponyta(Immune), 2. Blitzle, 3. Shinx, 4. Swablu, 5. Zigzagoon, 6. Oddish

Also safe are

7. Audino, 8. Pidove and 9. Magby

Tepig, Pichu, Vulpix, Zorua and Snivy you recieved at least 1 vote

10. Tepig(1 Vote) and 11. Vulpix (1 vote) are safe

The 12th and Final person safe in a 2-4-6 vote

12. Zorua(2 Votes), 13. Snivy (4 Votes) and 14. Pichu (6 Votes)

Thats right false eliminations


Elim 1 (False), Pichu for Vulpix, Snivy for Tepig, Audino and Pidove for Zorua, Magby + Blitzle + Shinx + Ponyta for Snivy, Zigzagoon + Zorua + Swablu + Vulpix + Oddish + Tepig 

Total So FarEdit

Elite RocketsEdit

Pichu: 6 

Snivy: 4 

Audino: 0

Pidove: 0

Magby: 0

Blitzle: 0

Shinx: 0

Ponyta: 0

Zigzagoon: 0

Zorua: 2

Swablu: 0

Vulpix: 1

Oddish: 0

Tepig: 1

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