The new Total Pokemon island series is now live!

30 Pokemon campers have been invited (or accidentaly ended up) on a distant tropical island by the show's host, Diggersby. Now they have to face some grueling challenges and elimination processes. Who will be the grand winned of Total Pokemon Adventure Island?

The show features new, original challenges (at least those not seen by creator), and has a larger focus on "comedy" than "drama". High-quality music is also included!

List of campers:

  • Ekans (The Hater), female
  • Heatmor (The Underling), male
  • Pachirisu (The Ambivalent Guy), male
  • Buizel (The TPI Fan), male
  • Growlithe (The Guardian), male
  • Espurr (The Grudge Bearer), female
  • Geodude (The Ninja Guy), male
  • Maractus (The Night Dancer), female
  • Scraggy (The Gang Boss), male
  • Darumaka (The Daruma Girl), female
  • Spearow (The Strict Beak), male
  • Azurill (The Crybaby), female
  • Eevee (The Strategist), male
  • Drilbur (The Hard Worker), male
  • Aipom (The Prankster), female
  • Chespin (The Human), male
  • Natu (The Future Seer), male
  • Mudkip (The Identity Crisis), male
  • Emolga (The Ex-Girlfriend), female
  • Oddish (The Hopeless Romantic), male
  • Pidgey (The Poor Flyer), male
  • Yamask (The Scary Spook), male
  • Ratatta (The Grumbler), female
  • Whismur (The High Voice), male
  • Budew (The Bad Romance Girl), female
  • Wooper (The Anime Lover), male
  • Sentret (The Usually Nice Girl), female
  • Panpour (The Mastermind), female
  • Solosis (The Brain Box), male
  • Weedle (The Step-On), female

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