• "SHELLLZZZZZ"~ Fleur the Fennekin

Fleur the Fennekin is a cheerful psychotic pokemon that loves shells. She likes almost everyone that likes shells, vise versa. She is known to have psychic supernatural abilities such as turning pokemon to shells, creating dimension portols, and controlling the time of fabric and space in her own matter. She can also fly. She appears on many reality shows Such as ShinxBoy01's PBB1 and PBB3: All-Stars


Fleur was born a orphan and was adopted by the age of One by a family of Cloysters. They didntt like her apparently and abandoned her on her third birthday. She was only left with a shell. She soon fell in love with shells to the point where she went insane. She's been living alone since the age of three.


  • Flying
  • Communicating with shells
  • Creating portals
  • controlling weather
  • Changing psychical matter into a shell


  1. She is nice if you get to know her and treat her correctly
  2. she tends to be slow at thinking
  3. has supernatural abilities
  4. Isn't smart


Her major apperances are in ShinxBoy01's PBB for she won the first season

Her first reality show was Seanbess1s TPI

she has a best friend, its a shell, the shell her parents gave to her before they left her. She named it Shellby. But shellby was burned because some pokemon found Fleur annoying. She was giving a new shell by a close friend and named it Shellby 2. Shellby 2 is a special shell capable of many things. Fleur often carries it with her. Either around her neck or in her fur fluff of her ear. shellby 2 is basically Fleurs guidance it helps her by communicating with her In what seems telepathic mind interaction.

she has a mini show called FLEURS SHELL THOUGHTS, She states her opinions on the show and talks about all the contestants even though she is one. FST appeared in Shinx's PBB1 and 2

she is the second in command of the Goldenrod Heroes in Shinx's PBB3: All-Stars Heroes Vs Villains



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