This is Hyperflame's third TPI. Since the first 2 were cancelled, he made a new account and hosted TPI on it.

Team Terra:

  • Magby/FlametheMagby (or Hyperflame)
  • Growlithe/scruffy15
  • Tepig/Veryfungames
  • Houndour/whatsit88
  • Bagon/fireballz
  • Gligar/Gardevoirisawesome
  • Meowth/Uglyduck713
  • Vulpix/Fernfox
  • Sandile/Ravenguy
  • Eevee/Icephoenix
  • Axew/Yoshidudet56

Team Aqua:

  • Feebas/Miloticmadness
  • Ralts/Jrocket97
  • Larvitar/Tyranitar123
  • Drowzee/soraandsonic
  • Victini/Rocketchurocks
  • Rufflet/Giratina200104
  • Charmander/Yoshidude66
  • Chikorita/pokemonchampks
  • Teddiursa/Cakey123
  • Skitty/Biggest_Ho-oh_Fan
  • Trapinch/Moonpaw12345


  1. Charmander (lost at Rock Paper Scissors)


  • Coming Soon


  • Coming Soon


  • Coming Soon

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