ExplosiveScolipede's (TotalPokemonIsland47) Total Pokemon Island

June 24, 2012-???, 2013

Camp was cancelled around September at the final 9. Camp was resumed on March 16, 2013 at the final 8.

Total Pokemon Island


Elimination Order:

30.Chingling-awsomekids1 (Computer broke so quit) (Daring Drapions)

29.Eevee-jaidastar01 (Voted out) (Super Seismitoads)

*Sentret-masterofflam and Seedot-mespino69 join*

28.Spiky-Eared Pichu-TheMysterious2634 (Quit) (Daring Drapions)

27.Dratini-dragonite1171 (Quit) (Daring Drapions)

26.Riolu-TheRobloxLegoGames (Voted out) (Super Seismitoads)

25.Aipom-joshytje5 (Voted out) (Super Seismitoads)

24.Starly-gagglz (Voted out) (Daring Drapions)

23.Seedot-mespino69 (Voted Out) (Daring Drapions)

*Umbreon-jaidastar01 and Ambipom-joshytje5 return and join the Daring Drapions*

22.Treecko-gopokemon121 (Voted Out At Tiebreaker) (Super Seismitoads)

21.Skorupi-wraighteric (Voted Out) (Daring Drapions)

20.Growlithe-ThePokeman33 (Voted Out) (Daring Drapions)

19.Ambipom-joshytje5 (Voted Out) (Daring Drapions)

18.Shiny Houndoom-Loppybunny13 (Voted Out) (Super Seismitoads)

17.Shiny Vaporeon-Mango Dolphin (Voted Out) (Daring Drapions)

*Merge* *Turtwig-pokesocks123 and Delibird-SSBBFantic989 join*

16.Umbreon-jaidastar01 (Furret voted her out)

15.Turtwig-Pokesocks123 (Only one who didn't do challenge;Didn't have excuse)

14.Palpitoad-shadowduck7 (Chose evil box 2 and got eliminated)

13.Sandslash-redking632 (Closed account)

12.Furret-masterofflam (5-4 vote from Big Brother challenge)

11.Lopunny-SneaselStar (Voted Out)

10.Prinplup-1benkalani (Voted Out)

8.Weavile-RedFrenzy46 (Closed account)

(Remaining 8)








Delibird-SSBBFantic989 (Replaced by NightFlareX)

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