Place Campers Ep 1 Ep 2 Ep 3 Ep 4 Ep 5
1 Arcanine IN IN WIN IN
2 Leavanny IN IN WIN IN
3 Gallade IN WIN OUT R
4 Dragonair IN IN WIN IN
5 Shiny Gardevoir IN WIN OUT R
6 Lucario IN IN WIN IN
7 Rhydon IN OUT Returns in Episode 14
8 Bellossom IN IN WIN IN
10 Umbreon IN WIN IN WIN
11 Fraxure IN WIN IN WIN
12 Cacturne IN WIN IN WIN
13 Hitmontop IN LOW WIN LOW
14 Liepard IN WIN IN WIN
15 Cherrim IN IN WIN IN
16 Tepig IN WIN IN WIN
17 Houndoom IN IN WIN IN
18 Lampent IN WIN IN WIN
19 Shieldon IN WIN IN WIN
20 Lickitung IN IN WIN OUT


Orange - This camper is in Team Lunar Champions

Yellow - This camper is in Team Solar Victors

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