Electabuzz is an Electric pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Elekid at level 30 and into Electivire by beign traded while holding an Electrizer.


Electabuzz evolved from Elekid during teams. He was the leader of Team Charmeleon and was a very good leader, until he evolved and started to bad mouth all of his team mates when they were riht in front of him. When Electabuzz offended Corsola, Mightyena and Delcatty, they all decided to blindside him because of the way he was treating everyone and he was blindsided and was placed 31st. Electabuzz was not offered a place in Total Pokemon Action and will be watching from the side lines at the Total Pokemon Action Aftermath Show.


TPI: 31st



Electabuzz debuted in season 2 of this series as a rock star. It was still in the game as of Episode 6 before TheSwiftYanmega left Youtube.


Elekid evolved into Electabuzz in the TPA special. Electabuzz is the Duncan of the group, so he's a criminal. He evolved alongside Masquerain and Grumpig, courtesy of the rare candies he stole from Chef Mamoswine. Electabuzz formed a group with Grumpig, Masquerain, and Finneon to get into season 2, but thanks to a wild Heracross's Stone Edge, Electabuzz's group (minus Finneon) didn't qualify for season 2.

Based On Duncan (Total Drama Island, Action, and World Tour)
Friends Taillow, Magby, Charmeleon, Linoone, Drapion, Ursaring , Masquerain, Grumpig
Enemies Wooper
Love Interest

Possibly Finneon via personality compatibility (TBC in TPA)


TPI: 24th



Elekid evolved into Electabuzz in episode 12 after getting eliminated and realising all his anger which caused him to evolved. He resembles Eva because he has a temper and doesn't get along with anyone in the camp. He was eliminated because he upset Delcatty by not only bad mouthing her and her boyfriend Mightyena but bad mouthing Corsola which no one liked. He finished in 31st place