Dragonair is a Dragon pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Dratini at level 30 and into Dragonite at level 55.


After Dratini evolved into Dragonair, Dragonair continue to play the game with her parents and they made it all the way to the final 10 until Lickilicky was voted off, which made Espeon depressed, which at least took a target off their backs until the final 7, where Dragonair almost won the surfing challenge over Quilava, and then Espeon was voted off for excessive crying over Lickilicky's departure. Dragonair was without an alliance, but thanks to Raichu auto-booting the annoying Treecko and Lickilicky voting off Ivysaur in the loser vote (at the obvious dismay of Cherrim and Chansey), Dragonair made the final 4. Honchkrow's attempt to sabotage Pupitar at that point failed and got Honchkrow voted off, putting Dragonair in the final 3 with Pupitar and Quilava, however, she then left when she lost the dare challenge.

Dragonair moved on to TPA, playing a game more independent from her parents, as they became more focused on her new brother, Togetic. Dragonair became jealous of the large amount of attention he was getting, and blindsided Espeon. Along with her brother Togekiss (which evolved from Togetic), she is currently still in the game as of the final 27.


Dragonair evolved from Dratini by kissing Drapion. In Episode 13, after Spoink's elimination, Dragonair and chimecho continued with their alliance but Hitmonlee became and on and off member due to him flipping on them. Dragonair's team continued to win challenges until the merge, preventing her elimination. Post merge, Froslass joined their alliance. In Episode 17, Dragonair voted for Scizor for being very competative, but Kirlia was blindsided by Yanmega. In Episode 18, Dragonair voted for Yanmega, but Rapidash blindsided Ursaring. For the first time post merge, in Episode 19, Dragopnair agreed with the vote and voted for Rapidash. In Episode 21, Houndoom threatened Dragonair to vote with her, but since Houndoom resorted to physical violence and threats, Dragonair knew it was only just to vote off Houndoom. It looked like smooth sailing, but to prevent a majority advantage, Scizor voted with Yanmega's alliance to take out Chimecho, because Hitmonlee knew that Chimecho didn't trust him completely. The next episode, Dragonair evolved into Dragonite in the aftermath of defeating Regice in battle.

MrPokeguy9 Edit

Dragonair debuted in Episode 12 of TPA, being placed on Team Farfetch'd. Little of known about Dragonair as she is trying to play under the radar and not wanting to be viewed as a threat or even a big player. However after the Society Game twist was revealed and one player from each team would be voted out, Jellicent quickly convinced his team that Dragonair was too much of a wildcard to keep around due to her quiet and reserved personality and gameplay and she was voted off and placed 30th.


TPA: 30th