This story has just begun and there isn't an ending or even a 2nd eliminated contestant but we do have some info


Houndour-Damien Hawlucha-Luncherone Sheildon-Hard Piplup-Pippy Weedle-Buzz Cranidos-Boof Bagon-Bash Shiny Bagon-Brawl Houndour-Damien Poliwag-Woli Oshawott-Xavier Treecko-Trek Vulpix-Pixie Phantump-Root Mime Jr.-J.R. Zigzagoon-Zig Zigzagoon-Zag Zorua-Quivalone Spinda-Linda Seviper-Serv Caterpie-Selgosine Ponyta-Talia Slakoth-Dod

Cabin ChaosEdit


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