Contestants Edit

The cast is composed of 18 new players, initially split into three tribes containing six members each: Papori ("Social"), Rautaki ("Strategic"), and Sipoti ("Athletic").

List of Survivor: Pokemon contestants

Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Post-mutiny Tribe Merged Tribe Finish
Drake The Luxray
22, Actor
Papori 1st voted out
Day 2
Trinity The Togetic
22, Blogger
Sipoti 2nd voted out
Day 5
Theodore The Chesnaught
20, Former Rockstar
Rautaki 3rd voted out
Day 8
Carlos The Ludicolo
36, Taco Bell Employee
Rautaki 4th voted out
Day 11
Gabriella The Blissey
25, Stewardess
Papori Sipoti 5th voted out
Day 14
Jacob The Jolteon
21, Reality Show Host
Papori Papori 6th voted out
Day 16
Rodrick The Rhydon
35, Construction Worker
Sipoti Sipoti 7th voted out
Day 16
Alicia The Mienshao
27, Boxer
Sipoti Sipoti Sipoti 8th voted out
Day 19
Scott The Scraggy
20, Martial Artist
Sipoti Papori Papori Quit
Day 22
Bri The Torchic
20, Student
Rautaki Papori Papori Ahuatanga 9th voted out
Day 25
Robin The Octillery
43, Firefighter
Rautaki Papori Papori 10th voted out
Day 27
Lilly The Delphox
22, Detective
Rautaki Sipoti Sipoti 11th voted out
Day 30
Poncho The Monferno
25, Baseball Player
Sipoti Sipoti Sipoti Quit
Day 33
Camilla The Delcatty
22, Unemployed
Sipoti Sipoti Sipoti 12th voted out
Day 36
Aurora The Lumineon
23, Psychic
Rautaki Sipoti Sipoti TBA
Gordon The Goodra
30, Bartender
Papori Papori Papori TBA
Mei The Ledian
20, Photographer
Papori Papori Sipoti TBA
Vanille The Leafeon
24, Forest Guide
Papori Papori Sipoti TBA

Voting HistoryEdit

Original Tribes Switched Tribe Post-mutiny Tribe Merged Tribebe
Episode # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 4
Day # 2 5 8 11 14 16 19 22 25 27 30 33 36 38 39
Immunity Rautaki Papori Papori Papori Papori Scott Alicia Papori None Robin Mei Mei Mei Mei Vanille None
Sipoti Rautaki Sipoti Sipoti
Eliminated Drake Trinity Theodore Carlos Gabriella Jacob Rodrick Alicia Scott Bri Robin Tie Lilly Poncho Camilla Mei Aurora Gordon Vanille
Votes 5-1 5-1 1-0 3-2 5-2 4-2-1 3-2-1 4-2-1 None 4-3-2 4-2-2 3-3-1 3-2 None 3-0 3-1
Castaway Votes
Vanille Drake Robin Alicia Bri Robin Lilly Lilly Gordon Mei Jury Vote
Gordon Drake Bri Bri Robin Camilla Camilla Camilla Mei
Aurora Carlos Bri Gabriella Rodrick Alicia Camilla Lilly Lilly Lilly Camilla Mei
Mei Drake Jacob Alicia Poncho Robin Camilla Camilla Camilla Aurora Gordon
Camilla Trinity Gabriella Rodrick Aurora Bri Lilly Lilly Gordon Vanille
Poncho Trinity Gabriella Lilly Mei Bri Robin Aurora Lilly Gordon
Lilly Carlos Carlos Gabriella Rodrick Alicia Poncho Camilla Camilla Vanille
Robin Carlos Carlos Jacob Camilla Camilla Vanille
Bri Carlos Carlos Jacob Camilla Aurora
Scott Trinity Jacob Vanille
Alicia Trinity Gabriella Lilly Aurora Vanille
Rodrick Trinity Camilla Poncho
Jacob Drake Bri
Gabriella Drake Camilla
Carlos Theodore Bri
Theodore Carlos
Trinity Poncho
Drake Mei

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