Episode 1: Enter The Drama

The 30 contestants are at deathpoint when they're brutally dropped from a Jumbo Jet and team up to reach safety. But with MAJOR CONFLICTS like Happiny/Cherubi, Chikorita/Cyndaquil, and Tepig/Snivy, will all Pokemon reach campground safe and alive?! Who will get eliminated? Who WILL last Total Pokemon Island and have a slightly less chance of dying? Find Out in Ep. 1

Future Episodes:

Ep. 2: How To Kill An Ursaring

Ep. 3: Football Failers

Ep. 4: Pokemon's Best Singing Crew

Ep. 5: Prehistoric and Hysteric

Ep. 6: Miss TPI

Ep. 7: Pokeathlon Triathlon

Ep. 8: Super Pokemon Bros. Unova Edition

Ep. 9: Zeroes VS. Villians

Ep. 10: 10 Weeks Down, 30 More To Go!

Ep. 11: How To Train Your Mammal

Ep. 12: Man VS. Child

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