Cyndaquil is a Fire type Pokemon introduced in Generation 2. It evolves into Quilava, starting at level 14, who then evolves into Typhlosion.


Cyndaquil and Shiny Cyndaquil were best friends. Cyndaquil was voted off in episode 6 and Shiny Cyndaquil quit in episode 9.


Cyndaquil was the winner in Nickinor2's TPI. She was in the final 2 with her boyfriend Pupitar. She evolved into Quilava in episode 27 of TPI and evolved into Typhlosion when Pupitar evolved into Tyranitar. Cyndaquil's worst enemy is Kingdra and she managed to get farther than Kingdra in both seasons.

During the beginning of the first season, she wasn't very important, only appearing every now and then. She was a part of the Girl's Alliance, which consisted of Cherrim, Chansey, Chinchou, Eevee, Dratini, and later on, Ivysaur. The Girl's Alliance was later split apart becuase of Cherrim's selfish actions on trying to vote off 'two great people' as Cyndaquil put it.

When the alliance split apart, Cyndaquil later joined Larvitar's alliance. When Larvitar evolved, however, Cyndaquil changed into an independent girl who had a hot temper. It is known that she and Seadra had a rivalry for Pupitar's affection.


Cyndaquil is a popular Pokemon used in every single season of Mark's TPI. In Season 1, ChaosChaoKing won the competition using Cyndaquil. In Season Two, the famous schemer TheFieryCyndaquil took first place using the now two in a row winner Cyndaquil with 5/9 Jurors' votes. However, in season 3, many look down upon Superchar1998's decision to use Cyndaquil as he was the first voted off with 4/25 votes. In Season 4, TDISurvivorGuy3 (aka TheFieryCyndaquil undercover) took back Cyndaquil, but only until late in the game. He had been using Grotle for a period of time. He eventually got 13th place with 5/16 votes. In The Reality PokeMole, Cyndaquil was used by TFC (TheFieryCyndaquil). He was doing OK, but he later quit the game due to private reasons.


Cyndaquil is the Cody of the group so people think he's a geek. He arrived at the island on episode 1 and was placed on the Mischievous Mawiles. He did not jump off the cliff but his team won the challenge. In episode 2 he was the reason why his team won because he was able to knock out other contestants and dodge the Poké-balls.

Based On Cody(Total Drama Island,Action,World Tour)
Friends possibly all of Team Mawile
Enemies No one yet
Rank TBA