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Cubchoo is a 5th Generation ice type pokemon. It's evolution is Beartic, to whom it evolves to at level 37.


He will be played by Dunkytheeevee in Mjpj's TPI S5


Cubchoo made his first appearance on Neonray's Total Pokemon World Tour episode 21


Cubchoo made her first appearance in Total Pokemon Cargo Tour with her older sister:Simipour. She was jealous of her sister's relationship with Eelektross, causing her to evolve into Beartic. Beartic got into a relationship with a firefighter named Blastoise, but was eliminated in episode 6 because Sigilyph threatened to sue the show if he got voted out so Beartic was voted out instead

She is currently planned to be in season 4 AKA:All-Stars

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