Cranidos is a Sinnoh Pokemon who is formed from a fossil. He eventually evolves into Rampardos.


Cranidos was this fossil pokemon that joined in episode 5 of TPI. He was voted off in episode 13 for not beng able to face his fear. Which was jumping off a cliff. He is the host of Cranidos' Crazy Spin-Off Series and he said in episode 1 of CCSS that he used to have a crush on Lileep, but he doesn't anymore cause Lileep was dating Treeko. In CCSS, later, Cranidos said that Lopunny from Misdreavous525's TPI was his girlfriend but she didn't like Cranidos. When Pupitar and Quilava were the final 2 on TPI, Cranidos was on Team Quilava. Gloom, Sealeo, Zigzagoon and Porygon were working for Cranidos in the Spin Off Series. Gloom evolved into Vileplume and Porygon evolved into Porygon2. Vileplume was on Team Pupitar. Sealeo was on Team Quilava. Zigzagoon was on Team Quilava. Porygon2 was on Team Pupitar. There were Nine Episodes of CCSS, including the Halloween special. In TPA's second aftermath, Cranidos evolved into Rampardos.


Cranidos was Alejandro in TPWT. He was dating Chillarmy and was flirting with Abra. But in episode 19, the reason why Cranidos/Rampardos was so bad was because Mewtwo was controlling him.


Cranidos was from Nickinor2's TPI, but Cranidos said to Miltank that if he's not in TPA, he's suing. Cranidos entered TPA and had a crush on Lopunny. In Episode 23, the Daddy Day Care challenge, since Cranidos and Lopunny lost the challenge, they both got voted out. In TPL, he joined and was a Rampardos. Go Rampardos!

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